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  1. RacerTodd

    Failling speed sensor: diagnosis and repair

    Diagnosis: The speed sensor has a square tang that fits in a square hole in the drive pinion in the transmission. When the sensor gets old, it can get sticky and doesn't want to rotate. That tends to round off the tang and the hole as well. The sensor will then give a fluctuating signal...
  2. RacerTodd

    Removing axle question

    I'm doing the driver's side CV joints on my '01 Golf TDI this weekend. I'm unsure if I can get the axle out without popping off the ball joint. If not, I'll have to source the one-time-use bolts. Once the CV joint bolts are removed can I just raise the joint up above the trans and pull it...
  3. RacerTodd

    Funny TDI tale of the week...

    Well, let me tell y'all a tale. A couple of months ago I noticed a small oil leak around the oil filler cap on my car. Just a light film of oil around the opening. With 500K on the engine, I figured the gasket in the cap was probably hard as a rock and not sealing well anymore. Bought a new...
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  5. RacerTodd

    Guide: Replacing the blower motor in a MK4 Golf or Jetta

    I recently replaced the blower motor in my Golf. I took some pictures and wrote a guide for the procedure. This procedure will work for the MK4 Golf/Jetta. The New Beetles use the same motor, and may be able to use the same basic procedure. Since I don't have one I don't know how the...
  6. RacerTodd

    FS: IDParts 2" stainless downpipe for ALH/BEW

    I have for sale an IDParts stainless downpipe. It is the 2" version, with the stock size exit so it'll attach directly to your stock exhaust system using the stock exhaust clamp. It's a nice piece, made of 304 stainless so it'll never rust. A beefy flexpipe, mandrel bent tubing and nice...
  7. RacerTodd

    FS: EGT probe

    This is an EGT probe, as supplied with my VDO gauge. I needed a longer probe to mount in the EGR port, so this shorter probe wasn't needed. It is suitable for mounting in a hole drilled into the exhaust manifold. It has 10 feet of wire and includes the 1/4" NPT adaptor. You'll need to drill...
  8. RacerTodd

    Pulling downpipe to gut cat, questions.

    So, I'm fairly certain that my cat is in the early stages of plugging up. And with 420K on the car, that's not terribly surprising. My first question is: can I remove the downpipe without dropping the subframe? I have 4 jackstands and can get the front and back of the car well up off the...
  9. RacerTodd

    Coolant warmup graph, ALH engine

    I thought I'd share a little graph with the TDI community. The data geeks in our midst will appreciate this. When I did my timing belt last fall, I installed a new thermostat. With 360K on the original, it was just time for a new one. After doing the belt, I went for a short test drive to get...
  10. Coolant warmup graph

    Coolant warmup graph

    Graph showing coolant warming up after new 87C VW thermostat was installed. Stock '01 Golf TDI, with EGR delete
  11. RacerTodd

    Guide: Using the service position to replace A4 Golf/Jetta radiator mounts in-car

    I just completed my first How-To guide, showing how to replace the radiator mounts in an A4-chassis Golf/Jetta in-car. The procedure may be similar on New Beetles. I haven't worked on a Beetle so I don't know exactly what differences there are compared to the Golf/Jetta. Replacing the mounts...
  12. RacerTodd

    400K Birthday Party

    On Friday the 12th at 8:15am, my beloved 2001 Golf TDI turned over 400,000 miles. This isn't my first car to cross this threshold. My old '87 gasser Golf went 654,000 miles before being transferred to a new owner. So, naturally, we had to have an all-day party on Saturday to celebrate this...
  13. RacerTodd

    FS: New A4 Golf E-code headlights w/fogs

    This is a set of brand new, aftermarket headlights with fog lights for A4 chassis Golfs. They have glass lenses. No bulbs included. I'm 99% sure they have the E-code light pattern. They have the letter E in a circle like real E-code lights and the low beam reflector looks exactly like a...
  14. RacerTodd

    FS: single-DIN Monsoon radio

    This is a single-DIN Monsoon radio. Part #1JM 035 157 A. Was working before being removed. Don't have radio code, but the VIN # of the car it came in is included so you can have your local dealer look up the code for you. Volume knob isn't pretty - the rubber is starting to deteriorate...
  15. Assembling a CV Joint

    Assembling a CV Joint

    How to assemble a CV joint that has come apart.
  16. RacerTodd

    FS: Rear wiper motor

    This is a rear wiper motor, fits A4 chassis Golfs (and I think Jetta wagons). Part number is 1J6 955 711 F. Includes a spare wiper arm as well. I did plug in this motor and verified that it works and that the washer jet stays fixed and doesn't rotate with the wiper shaft (a common failure)...
  17. RacerTodd

    FS: A4 chassis front spindles/knuckles w/NEW wheel bearings

    I have a pair of front spindle/knuckles for sale. One left, one right. They have been cleaned, painted and NEW wheel bearings installed. All bolt holes checked, none are stripped out. Edit: right side is sold, left is still available These will fit all A4 chassis cars - Golf, Jetta and...
  18. TDI mileage chart

    TDI mileage chart

  19. RacerTodd

    LCA/Tie rod replacement questions

    Car is a 2001 Golf TDI. I've got an inner tie rod that's getting sloppy and my LCA bushings are looking torn so I'm going to do a suspension refresh. I've looked at numerous posts to get an idea of what's involved. I've done this on my A2 Golfs, this is my first time on the A4 chassis. I...
  20. RacerTodd

    FS: Golf headlights w/fogs

    This is a set of used Golf headlights. Will fit all Mk4 chassis Golfs, '99.5 through '06. SOLD!