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    Biggest turbo used in 1.9TDI's

    What are the biggest documented turbos used in 1.9tdi, i know andy2turbo used 71/88mm?, what other big turbo tdis you all know? Im interested.
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    WTB: ARP headbolts. ALH

    WTB: ARP headbolts. ALH Paypal, im located in Finland, europe, but i am prolly willing to buy yours from where ever youre located.
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    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5

    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5 variant This is my passat b5 4motion running ALH / 130PD hybrid engine, on over 3.5bar of boost and some mods incl. diesel antilag + launch control. It gets this heavy car 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds at this moment. Im going to upload old photos at first, and then...