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    A Nod to the Experts here

    I’ve been on these forums since I believe 2004. I continue to be impressed by the expertise and professionalism. This has got to be one of the best on the Net. So, thanks to all of you! Appreciate it very much. My car and I are the better for it. Jud
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    WTB: Front grill for silver 01 Jetta

    Greetings all - Well, I lost my front grill when I was driving around with the hood a bit open. It's your standard silver 01 Jetta. Anybody out there have a replacement? I prefer the stock look. Thanks! Jud.
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    Help with intercooler hose

    Hi folks - I am cross-posting this, as I think maybe there will be more eyes and knowledge here than over in the MKIV TDI area. Here's my post: Basically, I have a GTD1752vrk installed, and the...
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    Which shocks for my needs?

    OK, folks I am tired of crappy roads and a harsh ride. It isn't like I can feel the pavement - I have 50 series tires that are quite comfy and quiet (not even v-rated). But any time I go over any kind of significant, sharp bump, the suspension crashes. I am running Koni Reds with stock...
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    WTB: MK4 Relay Block with wires

    Folks - I'm looking for a five blade relay, the relay block (what it plugs in to), AND the wires coming out of the relay block. You'll know it because the vertical blade is power, and has a red wire coming out the bottom. Yeah, I know, very specific. It's for my fog lights, which didn't...
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    WTB: Lighted Center Dash vent and passenger belt buckle

    Folks - Need these two things as both of mine rattle. This is for a MK4 Jetta. (Yeah I would have more luck over at the ‘tex or ebay but I like you folks more.) Thanks! Jud
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    A/C fan runs when I pull fuse???

    Hey y'all - OK, very weird behavior. My a/c fan hasn't run for a long time. I even bought a new dual fan unit, and have been intending to replace them. However, recently reading something somewhere someone said, "trying pulling the fuse." So, I pulled fuse 16, A/C clutch, after-run...
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    Did all 2001-2003 ALH models come with side airbags?

    Greetings all - I have a side airbag message (resistance too high) that I can't clear and haven't been able to fix. But it just occurred to me (yeah, I know, I'm slow) that maybe there's a way to disconnect the harness and use VCDS to just forgeddaboudit. So, as the title says, I'm figuring...
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    Is there a better windshield?

    Folks - Going to have to replace my windshield again. 3rd in 4 years. Does anybody sell a better quality windshield out there? Or do they all come from the same supplier? Thanks! Jud
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    2nd VNT17 dead

    Well, for all those following my little saga, I was trying to figure out why off-line response sucked, so I went out to do some logging. WOT, 3rd gear from 1500rpms to redline. Just short of redline, something went POP. This was the first run, so only the first log was taken, and it's only an...
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    What to log in VCDS for my situation?

    Greetings all - So, I need to take some logs. See my sig for recent mods. Issue: acts like it's flooding (too much fuel) from a stoplight in 1st gear until about 2500 rpms. Same issue in 2nd but not as much so. 3rd through 6th seem fine. From a stop, I have to feather the clutch and...
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    Crap. Air in lines?

    Hey Folks - Well, I made a mistake in thinking that my lift pump would refill the new fuel filter I put in. It mostly definitely did not. She just would not start. Anyway, after filling it with the fuel from the old fuel filter, she still absolutely will not start. Tries to, produces some...
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    MK4 side mirror upgrade - turn signal, power folding, puddle lights possible?

    Hey folks - Anybody know if there's an upgrade out there that has all these features for a MK4? I'd love to have something that looks sharp, especially with a turn signal and a puddle light. Power folding ones are of lower importance to me, and it's been covered here already...
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    Stripped MAF security screws

    Hey folks - Even with the correct security bit, both MAF element screws stripped - even after putting them under hot water/using liquid wrench. So. Any tips? What might possibly work to get these out? I would rather not order a new housing! Thanks! Jud.
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    Very loud whine after WOT run - turbo?

    Folks - This is a new problem, and deserves a different title/thread, since it may be of use to someone else... I did a WOT run in third gear from 25 mph full throttle to do some logging. Almost immediately after, maybe a minute, I started getting a very very loud whine coming from the...
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    Please check my boost/maf logs

    Hi folks - Looking for feedback on some data logging.... All logs gathered at full temp. Thank you very much in advance! Jud. First, boost: RPM, Requested, Actual. 903 999.6 754.8 1029 999.6 754.8 966 1040.4 754.8 1092 1030.2 765 1134 1050.6 775.2 1386 1132.2 785.4 1449 1162.8 805.8 1638...
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    quick question on injection pump timing

    So, to loosen the three 13mm bolts on the pulley, is it right-righty, left-loosey? The reason I ask is that a video online from IDParts shows the fellow loosening the bolts the opposite way. And working on my car just now, I can't actually tell, and don't want to go further for fear of...
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    WTB: T-Bolt clamp, trunk liner clips

    Folks - need two things: the t-bolt clamp for the positive battery terminal along with the nut. This is the vw-specific item that when tightened, pulls together the ends and thus tightens down on the battery post. Also need the plastic mushroom-shaped trunk liner clips, about six of them...
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    Which wire in the loom is power to the reverse lights?

    Hey folks - I have confirmed with Crutchfield and my own work that tapping in at the reverse light switch (for the backup camera) won't work - the signal wire needs to be 12v, and it only sends a signal to the relay, which then sends 12v to the reverse lights in the rear. So, in the wire loom...
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    WTB: ALH Relay box - engine compartment

    Folks - I am looking for the relay panel/box that is above the master cylinder in an ALH (manual transmission only). It exists in a manual but not in an auto. I intend to wire in both my foglight relay and a lift pump relay. Here's some pics, screen shots out of the ID Parts instructions: