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    Air filter not really best early mod

    I have been away for some time, but I see the K&N oiled air filter question still popping up. My suggestion after doing this TDI thing for awhile is, to save your money and put that intake upgrade to use by putting in a decient FMIC. More air if any you may get from modifiying your air intake...
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    Up T3 headers warped

    FYI It was posted some time ago that the Up T3 kit was released in a limited quantity with warped header flanges. It has been brought to my attention (latest being a kit that was aquired a few months ago)that there may still be a few of these warped kits still out "there". Broken studs, nuts...
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    Fuel Bubbles?

    When I saw KERMA almost a month ago, he pointed out that I had bubbles showing up in the clear tubing that comes from the fuel filter. I know this is not a good thing and I believe thats why the clear section is there. My questions are, what causes this and what are the ramifications of letting...
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    2 & 3 bar maps

    Is there an advantage of using a 3 bar map even if you do not plan on boosting over 20? Would the 3 bar be more linear since you would be controlling more in the middle of it's scale rather than the upper end of the 2 bar map. Ynot
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    Stage II mileage

    Just some info on two seperate trips I took in the past weeks and fuel usage checks. I have a stage II set up Bosios pp520's and UpII chip, the rest does not matter. I do have ground effects on my car and it sits just over 2" off the ground. Leaving from Las Vegas both times I went to Cedar...
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    Smog test pp520"s

    Smog test pp520\"s Just had my second smog test in the state of Nevada, needed once a year . When I lived in Calif. I was exempt, go figure. Test guy said smoke is a marker for us if the Diesel Emission guys are out, but they are only interested in Opacity. Buy the way I have one of these...
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    Back Up ECU where to get?

    Can some one give me directions on where to get a ECU for a 2000 golf automatic TDI. I want to play chip swap once my stage III is in. My chip is soldered in so I would like to take a second ECU and get a socket put in so I can plug and play. Any help would be appreciated. Ynot
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    Combustion Efficency

    This link may clear up a few things for some of you. 1> Why PP are really the best designed nozzle style 2> Why smoke is NOT a good thing. This information is provided for informational purposes and because I always want to know more. Ynot
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    Nozzle Sizes and Pics

    Borrowed from GeWilli's site and an old post to this fourm, a link to nozzle size descriptions and photos of the nozzle holes. I knew it was out there, I just had to find it. Ynot
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    6/10/05 updated*Newbies Cumulative Info Links

    This is meant to be a brief and not all INCLUSIVE over view of Chipping, Injector nozzle air box questions. For more Newbie information go here: Terms: Stage...
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    Auto Trans TC lock

    I have heard it mentioned here, I believe commented on by KERMA, about a TC lock for the auto trans. I know the other "beefing" things I need to do. Can some one help me in finding info. on where, and how to lock my TC so I do not slip the sh#* out of it. I am at stg II now and have found in a...
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    Stg III TDI Dream

    Here is a look at the improved Upsolute Stage III manifold. A piece of art, and performance inhancement to boot (better turbo spooling). Rene bent over backwards to make a Group Buy work, when he ran into vendor problems. Here is his replacement part for the log manifold. I can not wait to put...
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    H20 cooling of IC

    Not quite what you think, but this has been bugging me since I have moved to "Hell" temp. wise. i.e. Las Vegas, NV. My ride seems bloated during the hi temp summer months since the ambient can be >105 F for days. Now that the cooler days are here there is a crispness in my get up and go that I...
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    Painted Calipers

    I have been wanting to paint my brake calipers for some time. I had to replace the mud shield on the drivers side front wheel well after ripping a few screws out the other day. It was not properly installed when my ground effects were put on. So I went ahead and did the calipers using...
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    Air Filter Location

    I have been driving with a cold air intake system from Evolution motorsports since April 12, 2004. I have driven on wet streets and cloud bursts and have not had any problem. This system places my air filter behind my ground effects airdam 8" off the ground. I have noticed the streets are...
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    Upsolute TDI 9 Sparkn

    I finally got some pictures of my 2K Golf GLS, better shots could have been made though. Upsolute chip for over sized nozzles Kerma imported PP520 nozzles (.205) Evolution Cold Air Intake Flow Master cat back system (Nice purr) FK Automotive Black head and tail lights, light switch changed to...