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    One way to help remove the turbo oil feed line

    Removing the turbo oil feed line off the turbo can be a problem without destroying the line. I have ground down wrenches to help with the ALH motors but the BEW ones are even harder. I thought I would try something with one sitting on the shop floor before I touched it with a wrench. I heated...
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    2004 Red Jetta Wagon Parts or Restore

    A good looking 2004 Red Jetta Wagon with tan interior. I hate to part it out as the body is in real good shape. The car has about 180,000 on it I was told. No rot through rust on the body or doors and the paint looks pretty good, shiny and not peeling. Just a little surface rust on the front...
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    VW Door panel repair that is strong and looks original

    After years of frustration with the VW door panel failures and the solutions that didn't ever deal with having all the tabs broken off I started drilling screws in from behind. That kind of works but the screws tend to poke through. I also repaired some with through bolts but that doesn't look...
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    09a transmission stuck in low gear

    I have a 2005 BEW Golf with the 09a tiptronic transmission. The car has about 180,000. When the car first starts the transmission works normal. It shifts properly and feels fine. As it warms up then it starts acting up. It will stay in 1st and refuse to shift to another gear unless it hits...
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    Why my turbo was sticking after cleaning.

    I cleaned the turbo by taking it apart and all seemed well for a while. Then it started sticking and would sometimes work properly when warm. Finally years later I decided to investigate why. (after another turbo was installed in the car.) Clearly there were 2 vanes rubbing metal on metal...
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    Scary dangerous ABS locking wheels

    Here is what I know. 1. There are no codes shown on VDS and no light on the dash (the light works). 2. ABS seems to funtion properly on dry pavement or gravel. 3. ABS locks up and will NOT release the wheel(s) until car comes to a complete stop when stopping on snow or ice. This condition is...
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    2002 New Beetle body parts

    Parting out a blue New Beetle manual. Most all parts available. Interior parts are mostly fair but function. Exterior parts are pretty good. Sun roof. Typical stuff like glove box and console have issues. I will have a working engine for sale from this car or another but keeping the 5 speed...
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    Need New Beetle Headlight

    I am looking for a right headlight for a 1999-2005 New Beetle.
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    700 miles a tank club by accident

    With a busy schedule and driving in the dark I realize the fuel gauge is pegged on the E. I drove for 10 more miles and filled my New Beetle with 16.2 gallons (726 miles) back to the top of the filler. I did a search and didn't find any answer for sure on how much was left but I was still...
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    One solution for a leaky oil plug

    It seems many of the TDI's I own have a leaky oil drain plug (not from my own doing). After trying to repair one with gaskets and the repair plug kits and still having the leak I found another solution that has worked well for me. I clean the area around the drain plug of all the oil residue...
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    Power window challenge

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make my power windows go up and down short of direct wires to the motors? Here is the problem... 1. I have converted a 2004 VR6 to a TDI and the TDI instrument cluster is out of a 1999 Jetta with crank up windows. 2. The TDI cluster doesn't know what to do...
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    WTB Climate control module

    My car is a 2004 Jetta GLI that has this number on the module... 1JM 990 799 L It must have that number or it will not fit my plug configurations. I am not sure if they used this module in the TDI's but my body is the GLI version that had a VR6 in it before I converted it. I have a couple of...
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    WTB ALH TDI Down Pipe

    Looking for a good OEM exhaust down pipe with converter to fit the MK4 ALH cars. I live in Marengo, IL
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    TDI into VR6 GLI

    I know it is easier to buy a TDI running but when I am looking at a beautiful VR6 with a bad engine, a good low mileage TDI engine and a shop full of all the swap parts I need, I couldn't resist the challenge. I am going to post surprises or issues through the slow build and stuff that may add...
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    WTB EGR cooler for A4

    Looking for an egr cooler with clean inside tubes.
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    ALH weird serious engine problem

    I have a 2001 ALH TDI with about 300,000 miles on it. It seemed to be running fine starting fine until I took it out on the road and found it had no power. I found the turbo vanes were stuck so I repaired that issue. Then the car would not rev past 3,000 sputtering and missing and smoking...
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    WTB - Down pipe for ALH TDI 1.9

    I am looking for a good down pipe for a TDI ALH (1999-2004). (At least Good back to the CAT or including the CAT).
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    WTB EGR valve for ALH

    Looking for a good EGR valve on a 2002 TDI 1.9 ALH It doesn't need to be clean but just functioning.
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    WTB: 1.9 Manual Engine spacer plate

    I need a 1999 - 2003 1.9 Manual transmission engine spacer plate. This is the sheet metal plate that goes between the transmission and the engine.
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    WTB New Beetle front engine splash shields

    Looking for any or all of the splash shields that are around the engine bottom and side. They don't have to be in perfect condition. Even with rips and tears they would be more than I have right now. My Beetles that are missing them are a 2000 and 2001.