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    FS: 4 Stock 15" MK4 wheels and tires Boston MA $160

    As the title states I have a set of 15" MK4 steel wheels with hubcaps and tires. Wheels and Hubcaps are excellent the tires still have some life. Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S 195/50/R15. The photos show one wheel and tire, they all look the same. Will not ship local sales only.
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    Question about Kosei K1 wheels and centerbore

    I'm hoping to purchase a set of used Kosei K1 wheels for auto x and possibly winter wheels. I believe some of you guys may have these or had them in the past. The wheels in question are 15x7 5x100 but the seller is unsure of the centerbore. They were on a Toyota which has a centerbore of 54.1...
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    Mufflerectomy near Boston?

    Hello, Does anyone have a MKIV with a mufflerectomy near Boston? Secondly is there a qualified shop that can perform this and do a great job in or near the Boston area? Thanks!
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    WTB:Used Shine Racing springs MKIV Golf

    Looking for a used set of Shine springs or even just fronts. Please let me know if you have any and how much $$$$$. Thanks
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    WTB//15" VW Jarama wheels set of 4 in MA

    I am looking for a complete set of the multispoke 15"oem alloy wheels found on 2003-2006 Golf Gls models. They must be in very good to excellent condition will consider with tires if they are in same condition as wheels. Thanks! ///Will also consider a nice set of corrado Speedlines ///
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    Not a TDI but equally as cool! MK2 Golf "Rally-x" MA

    Reluctantly selling my dear old friend, please check out my Craigslist listing with photos.:)
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    Dealership warranty work suggestions? MA

    Hello, My fiancé and I recently purchased a low mile 2010 golf. It's currently at 18,500mi and just experienced it's first stumbling start under our ownership. All indicators seem to point to an intercooler icing issue. There is also a metallic sound from rear(brakes)? that varies with the speed...
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    15x7 Ronal R10 Turbos with Hankook RS2's

    Hello, I have a beautiful set of classic Ronal Turbo wheels mounted on sticky RS2's suitable for auto-x and spirited street driving. The wheels are perfect with no curbing or scratches the combo has maybe 5k on it only used for a summer. They were on my Mk2 so the fitment is 15x7 4x100 also...
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    Used TDI purchase troubles! (MA)

    Hello folks, I have been searching out a MKIV TDI for over 3 years and finally after an exhaustive search have found 'the one". It was for sale briefly by the original owner but he ended up trading in at a VW dealer. I was able to test drive the vehicle and put a deposit on it, a purchase and...
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    Anybody experienced available Sat to do a P.P.I? north of Boston

    Hello I was hoping by some miracle there may be someone available on Sat. 1/21 around 4pm to do a pre purchase inspection. Due to my work schedule this may be the only opportunity I have, thanks in advance.
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    WTB: 2 door Golf

    Hello, Looking for MK4 2 door Golf or Wagon 5 speed only, no accidents or paintwork must be in very good to excellent condition visually and mechanically. I know it's a needle in a haystack but I'm optimistic.:) Back to top as search continues, if in or near MA even better!
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    1999.5 good or stay away?

    Hello All, I have been lurking here for a little while and have been patiently waiting to find my first TDI. I have owned several VW's and currently drive a Mk2 golf, my search has led me to a first model year MK4 golf (99.5) I have never been a fan of buying a first model year car but because...
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    A good price?

    Hello, As my search continues for the elusive Golf 2dr 5spd I was wondering what a good example with around 100k is valued at nowadays? Specifically an '01 in GL trim. Should I still expect to pay way above blue book because it's a 2-door? Thanks!
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    TDI swap will it pass MA inspection?

    Hello All, This is my first post so I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I am looking to purchase my first TDI I have owned several VW's (non diesel) and currently drive a MK2 golf. If I were to purchase a car that has a TDI swap but was originally non diesel what problems could I expect when...