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    Wiper Blades...

    My '15 Golf TDI is around a year and a half old and all three wiper blades are shot...torn ends. So, off to the VW dealer I go and get a dose of "sticker shock" as OEM wiper blades are $25 a pop...that's $75+tax. Damn. And, I'm still waiting for the buy back people to contact me.
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    Tdi fix..

    Has anyone gotten' the '15 VW TDI fix? Fuel mileage increase/decrease? Better performance? Has any received the $$$$ from VW for the fix?...:confused:
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    Problems again...

    Sick patient is a '15 Golf TDI S. last summer around this time is was a bad A/C compressor....:( Today, I get the dreaded "Engine" light. Not flashing, but a steady light, so off to the dealer I go for a check. Gotta' leave it. Dealer calls me. The AD fluid pump has several sensors and one of...
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    Loud horns....

    ...I need a good set of LOUD horns for my 2015 Golf TDI, to get local sleepy head drivers attention. Dealer has no info. Any ideas? Anybody?