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    PDF of ALH Fuel delivery and feedback

    I stumbled across a pdf that went over the fuel injectors, injection pump, and all sensors related to fuel control on the ALH VE engine. Does anyone know where this document lives? I am really bummed that I cant seem to find it. I do not even know what to call it! Thanks for your help!
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    GTB2260VKLR vs GTB2060V

    I purchased a GTB2260VKLR and just got it in the mail. It has stamped on it "GTB2060V". I just want to confirm that the 22 refers to the turbine side sizing? Is this the turbo that I ordered? Or did I get the wrong one? How could I confirm? Thanks everyone!
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    FMIC Intercooler Piping Size

    Good morning, I know this has been talked about, I am having issues finding direct examples of people using x" sized pipe with this turbo. I am about to purchase intercooler piping for my 1.9l ALH. I will be running a GTB2260VKLR(2" compressor outlet I believe) with this setup. From what I...
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    Intercooler Pipe Routing - Ditch the pancake pipe?

    I am going to be installing a front mount intercooler very soon and have been exploring different routing options. I have already ordered a PD130 intake (gearbox facing) so I do not have to back track from my intercooler(outlet on drivers side). Going to be using 2.5" IC piping with my...
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    AGR AHF 1Z ASV AFN Injectors in an ALH motor

    Hello, I am looking to purchase new injectors for my 1.9 ALH. I found a few decent options but they state that they are for the motors listed above. From my searching, it appears that pop pressures changed between engine codes but the injector bodies are the same? Just wanted some...
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    11mm pump rebuild or not

    Hello friends, I just picked up a spare ALH engine from an auto. Engine had 290xxx on it and turns over but locks up. Was told it sat for a while. The pump is still fully plumbed on engine. My questions is: Do I throw the pump on my car and try it or rebuild it as it sits before putting it...
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    GTB2260VK on ALH with PP764

    Looking for input on running this turbo with these nozzles. I also was considering the GTB2260VKLR. Has anyone ran this turbo and if so how did it work out? I would be happy to increase nozzles later. ALH engine code. 3 in down pipe.