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    All diesel again!

    After an unfortunate period with no diesels in the family we're 100% oil-burning again. My 2015 Passat, 2019 Ram Cummins 5500 tow vehicle, and I got my daughter a 2015 Audi A3 she's pissed off. Audi A3 TDI. Totally not a Jetta. She loves it. -mickey p.s. Luba, for...
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    FS: 18" Passat SEL wheels + good Contis

    Huge wheels with race car-width tires on family sedans are my pet peeve, so I downsized to some smaller aftermarket wheels. I have my 18" 2015 Passat TDI SEL wheels and some nearly new OEM type Continental tires for sale. (Tires came from the VW dealer. They're as OEM as you can get.)...
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    Technology is getting crazy

    So I already have my Road Trip Machine. 2015 Passat TDI. I needed a Stop and Go machine. I've been driving Uber and Lyft and my TDI only manages 36 mpg doing that. ("Only...") Solution: 2019 Honda Insight Touring. 55+ MPG in town on regular unleaded. (Actual cost of fuel on the highway...
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    Why oh why did I sell Katy the Mercedes?

    Dumbest thing I ever did. But if anyone has a hankering for an old S-class diesel there are a couple of beauties on Hemmings right now. One is an 83 with only 50K miles on the clock. They want $24,000. A far better deal: An 81 with 80K and asking only $13,500. Better yet: Euro bumpers and...
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    "Key Not In Range": Observation

    2015 Passat. I get this error from time to time. There seemed to be no consistency to it until I finally made a simple observation: It only happens when I'm wearing regular jeans rather than "carpenter jeans" with the extra pocket. Why? Because I always carry my gun in my right pocket, and...
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    Tdi porn

    LOTS of them. As far as the eye can see. Some kids tried to break into the old Pontiac Silverdome as it was being prepped for demolition, and had to sneak through a parking lot FULL of brand new TDIs. It's one of the places VW stores them in Diesel Jail. Skip to 3:25 for the money shot...
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    Load ROUTE to VW NAV?

    I know the Car-Net app will send a destination or point-of-interest to the nav system, but can you upload a route? Google Maps is smarter about finding routes. -mickey
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    AAA independent testing of synthetic vs. conventional oil

    AAA has confirmed what high performance engine manufacturers, including jet engine makers, have known for decades: Synthetic is better. Way better. Personally, I won't put conventional oil in my lawnmower. The only application that I now of where synthetic oil is specifically DISAPPROVED is...
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    Like a virgin

    Deja vu! I can remember exploring under the hood of the Evil Beetle trying to figure out what all the weird lumpy bits were. Now I'm going through it again. It's kind of fun! First of all, I figured out how to take the plastic cover off the engine. (No more screws. Rubber grommets.) Then...
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    The truth of Passat and urea injection?

    Mine had it BEFORE the Phase 1 was done. I've heard that the 2015 Passats all had urea injection from the factory, unlike the other models. And I've heard otherwise. What is the truth? -mickey
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    Anti-Buick suspension for 2015 Passat

    The only real area of disappointment, for me, is the handling. I want more VW, less Buick. I'm too old and give out to want Boy Racer handling that jolts the fillings out of my teeth. "Comfortable" is my #1 goal. However, I'm kind of surprised by the combination of "harsh" AND "wallowing."...
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    When is a diesel not a diesel?

    Compression ignition makes it a "diesel", not the fact that it burns "diesel fuel." Hyundai is working on a compression ignition GASOLINE engine: The future of "diesel"? -mickey
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    Is the latest version of ETKA floating around out there in the wild? I used to have one back in the day and loved it. Not willing to pay a bazillion dollars though. For offroad use only, of course. :D -mickey
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    Extended warranty question

    Everything I've read says that the VW extended warranty on "buybacks" applies only to emissions-related components. My salesman absolutely insists that I have a 5 year, 60,000 miles BUMPER-TO-BUMPER "new car" warranty from VW, despite the vehicle being a previously titled buy-back. I pointed...
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    VW's position

    I used to play with biodiesel, and studied up on the pros and cons, but there is one issue that never occurred to me...and which VW mentions in the 2015 owner's manual: Biodiesel has very low volatility, so fuel that gets into the motor oil as a result of normal blow-by tends to stay there, and...
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    We know what they did.....but WHY?

    What motivated them? Ferdinand Piech's autocratic "work or get fired" philosophy? It's not like they couldn't meet emissions standards without cheating. It's not like they still don't get great fuel economy in non-cheating mode. (They still beat EPA estimates handily.) What did they...
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    "507, 505, Amsoil, blah blah blah"....but what VISCOSITY?

    My 2015 Passat owner's manual vaguely mentions two different motor oil viscosities. I find it hard to believe they're so uptight about "507.00 or else" but don't even seem to care much what WEIGHT of oil to use. Thoughts? I want to obsess about it, but I'm not sure which one to obsess about...
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    "Average MPG" keeps resetting. Why?

    I use "Trip 2" to track lifetime fuel economy, and it's doing so nicely. But I'd like to use "Trip 1" to track per-tank fuel economy. The trouble is "Trip 1" resets after the car has been shut down and the doors locked. (Don't know if Trip 2 would do that too if I had it active when I lock...
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    Mickey Filling? Where is my beloved button?

    My NB had The Button, and I could fill the tank all the way to the top of the neck. Got an extra 100+ miles out of a tank that way. Any tricks to achieve bladder-busting, UTI-inducing amounts of fuel in the tank with the 2015 Passat? Or I'm I just going to have to stop and pee, for crying out...
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    My smug sense of wellbeing has been wrecked

    I KNEW it was too good to be true! The dealer called me and let me know that they accidentally sold me a 2015 Passat TDI that hadn't been retrofitted yet. But for a few hundred miles I got to enjoy the most evil vehicle since German cattle cars. Oh well. So it's back at the dealer waiting...