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    Turbo Upgrade?? cffb

    I have a vw 1.9tdi 4 motion 2012, cffb engine code. The label on the side of the turbo shows KKK Part No 03L 253 056G V140 Serial No OC 50206903 02466 BW No BV40D-0007 It has dpf and egr delete, and been remapped, I have been on your site looking for a turbo upgrade advise but can'y pin...
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    Tiguan 2.0 TDI engine mounts

    Hello All, Looked through forum but need some help, have a cffb engine 2.0tdi 4motion. Need both engine mounts changing, have new bolts but can't find torque and or alignment settings, so looking for some help. Thanks
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    Tiguan gearbox oil capacity

    Hello All, Have a simple one here if anyone can help, i have a 1.9tdi 4motion tiguan. Want to change the gearbox and diff oils. But what capacity does the gearbox hold? Cant find it anywhere...
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    What way is the best

    Hello All, I have a 115auy 1.9tdi pd engine, done 194k miles, doesn't use oil from service to service. Erg removed, stainless exhaust with just centre straight through silencer. Goes abroad every year 1400mile oneway trips through from 17degC here to Valencia 45deg C. Put it on the dyno and...
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    Blowby but why?

    Hello Guys, Just a quick question, i have a 1.9tdi pd engine, its done 160k miles, runs well starts first time, hits its top speed, accelerates ok, uses next to NO oil between changes, but vents out of its filler cap. Why? Bores of valve stems? Just drive back to england from spain, 1147miles...
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    newbie blowby issue

    Hello Guys, Bear with me on this as its my first post and its a bit of a odd one to me. My vehicle is a 1.9tdi auy ford galaxy with 150k miles, no erg valve, rear diesel heater removed, stainless through exhaust, remap done at 34k, breather to catch tank. So twice a year i drive to spain...