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    Annoying rattle

    So I have a "new" 2015 Golf TDI SEL - Fender Audio..I have this annoying rattle that sounds like its coming from the rear passengers door when the radio is on, but not super loud, just talk radio at a normal level. Does anyone know what could be causing this??? I have a few sheets of Dynamat...
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    Procedure for payoff of lease?

    So I signed a lease on one of the 2015 stop sale Golfs and want to buy it out ASAP to save on interest. Can anyone please let me know what the proper procedure is to do this. I know I can log into my VW Credit account and get a payoff quote, what is the best way to pay for the car? Certified...
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    Need advice on springs - Mk7 Golf TDI SEL

    So I purchased a stop sale 2015 Golf TDI SEL, and I would like to lower it a bit. There is so much different info on springs, and I'm not really sure which is the best way to go at this point. What do you guys recommend? I want the ride to be comfortable as its my DD with a 70 mile roundtrip...
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    WTB Steelies

    Does anyone have a set of steelies with shot tires for sale? Looking to replace my wheels before buyback. Located in Pittsburgh, PA. Pm me if you have anything