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    Coolant flush/change

    Cool experiment! I don't want to use my pH meter that I use for brewing beer :LOL:
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    Coolant loss

    Been searching for this post, and found it! Red-triangle came up this morning. Popped the hood and there was barely any coolant in the reservoir. Last time I topped it off was Aug 15, 2019. I did notice the reservoir had dried white marks on the outside. I wonder if there's a hair line...
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    brake pedal going to the floor

    I tried it at a light. I could feel the pedal move down very, very slowly. It didn't hit the floor though, or I didn't try long enough since the light turned green.
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    End links going out on these common?

    i'm not sure if its the end links, but mine sometimes pops when parking and turning wheel.
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    She let me down :(

    The past couple of months, i chalked up the morning slow cranking as normal. This morning, no crank and dash was going crazy. Battery was replaced in 2017 when I purchased new from the dealer. Never had a battery only last 2+ years. I need to check if the correct battery type was used for...
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    fuel door sensor?

    Does our vehicles have a "fuel door ajar" sensor? First time ever, forgot to put cap and close door after fueling yesterday. When I saw it on my driveway, I thought someone was trying to steal my fuel since my doors were locked. I put the cap back on and closed the fuel door only to find out...
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    strut bearings going out???

    Anyone that installed lowering springs start to get popping sounds while turning slow while parking? My guess it's the strut bearings going out. Installed springs at 13k, and now at 28k. --Ry
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    bi-xenon adjustment

    well, after lowering, it seems my headlamps are aimed too low. i find myself hitting the high beams more often than before to gain more visibility. how can i manually adjust them up a bit? --ry
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    bugs in headlamps

    i noticed i got a couple of bugs stuck in the headlamp housing (bi-xenon). not sure how they got in there. do i need to pull the bulbs to get them out?
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    What can be adjusted for wheel alignment?

    On stock suspension, what adjustments can the tech make for 4-wheel alignment? Is it only toe? Anyone have stock specs for wheel alignment?
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    rattle in window control bezel

    i have the fender system and when I listen to it loud, my driver side window control bezel rattles (very annoying). any tips on shimming it with ??? looks fragile so i don't wanna try and pry it off w/o proper tools. for now, i end up placing my hand on it to stop the rattle. :D
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    Strange noise while driving - bottom engine cover

    On my way home from work, I noticed the engine sounded different and louder at certain speeds. At speed, it sounded like wind noise, but when I slowed down I heard scraping noise. Drove home 15 miles and when I pulled into my driveway, I look underneath and see the back side of the engine...
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    oem battery date code

    Anyone know where the date code is located on an OEM battery?
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    attempting again to get BT streaming

    hey guys, i have the 315 head unit and 5K0 035 730 box under passenger seat. my galaxy s3 connects fine via BT for phone (can access phone book and make calls), but does not stream BT audio. Does anyone know what audio apps are supported? I tried "play music" app and in the past pandora, but...
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    front fog lamps as DRL: looking for brighter alternatives

    i use my fog lamps as DRLs and now looking for brighter options. i only use my fogs as DRLs and also have not disabled cornering light option (for at night). i'd like to go the LED (or HID) route. do you guys have any suggestions, links to writes up, etc. --ryan
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    Intermittent light on dash

    Lately, I have noticed the idiot light for front headlamps come on. I walk out to check my headlamps and they are working fine. I am running Osram bulbs (see sig) in there for over a year and never had problems with the idiot light until now. Anyone have similar experiences?
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    Cycling through presets

    I know I can scan/search through radio stations via steering wheel controls, but what about my radio presets? Is it possible to cycle through them?
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    Active regens with Diesel Kleen

    Just started using 4oz of Diesel Kleen after my 10k service. Not sure if it's just coincidence, but I no longer notice any active regens while sitting at a stop light. I used to notice 2 a week in my commute from work, and haven't noticed any since I started using Diesel Kleen. I do notice a...
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    City light bulb removal on halogen headlamps?

    Can anyone tell me the best method in removing these bulbs? There's very little room in there to maneuver you hand around. Is it a simple pull, or a twist and pull? --Ryan