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    TDI engine models A3, A4??

    I'm shopping for a used TDI, ideally a Golf, but I'm looking at all TDI models. I read in the TDI FAQs that there is an older engine, the which the FAQ calls the A3, and a newer one, the A4, which the FAQ says entered service in the US in '99. I called the VW dealership and they said they'd...
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    Final Drive ratio for TDI Golf?

    Just curious. I've seen it someplace before but can't seem to locate it now. Can anyone tell me what the final drive ratio of the TDI Golf (manual transmission) is? VW America lists the Gasser FDR at 4.24:1. I seem to remember seeing 3.60:1 somewhere but I can't remember where. Anyone?
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    TDI syncro Eurovan

    VW sells a Syncro(4WD)Diesel Eurovan in just about every market in the world except North America. I've been doing a little research about importing a used one and customizing it as a camper. This van comes with 5-cylinder, 2.5 liter TDI. Now I am trying to assess the problem of repair parts...