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    BRM swap into B5.5 Passat Wagon

    I'm in the final stages of this swap. I'm getting a strong crank but no start. Do I need to swap the cluster for this swap to work? I've changed everything except for the cluster. I'm also using a diesel pedal from a 2004 2.0 diesel Passat, is this ok or will I need the pedal from a 2006 Jetta...
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    Pin-out - BRM Motor Swap into 2002 B5.5 Wagon

    Hey All! I am in the finishing stages of a TDI conversion and need help finding a proper pin-out so the ecu, car and motor can all communicate. I took the ecu from the same car as the motor. Not sure if the pin-out is the same as a b4 or any of the other swaps done on here or if this has...
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    2002 B5.5 Passat Wagen TDI Conversion Project

    I'm new here but have been following this forum for sometime. It's helped with this build I've started but can't finish. I thought this build was something I could finish in a fashionable manner but life happened. Now I must let her go, hoping to someone that has the same passion as I. Below...