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    Anyone running ST coilovers?

    Pretty good deal on coilovers. Curious if anyone has them and how you like them.
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    flashing glow plug light

    2015 sportwagen, twice now the glow plug light flashes, car loses power and stalls. the first time I thought it was a fluke, but when it happened again, I scanned it and got code P214600 "fuel injector supply voltage" its at the dealer and they are saying it needs the engine wire harness, which...
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    Has anyone tried AST lowering springs?

    seems to drop just over an inch which would be perfect, but can't find any real world reviews on them.
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    show me your lowered wagons

    Love my GSW, except for the 4x4 look. Show me your lowered wagons and what setup you have. and most important, how's the ride?
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    couple questions about buying 3.0 TDI

    i'm a big fan of TDI's (have a 04 Golf with 350k miles.) currently my wife drive's a Q7 with the 3.6 gas engine. it's getting up there in mileage and i'm looking to trade it in before it has major issues. My wife loves the car and wants another one like it. The only way i would buy the...
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    dch vw in NJ sucks!!! 505.01

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    dch vw in NJ sucks!!! 505.01

    so this past friday i drop the car off for an oil change and a fuel filter change. i told the service advisor about the 505.01 and gave him a copy of the VW service bulletin. anyway so this was the first time that i couldn't wait for the car and picked up the car after work. I became...
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    part number for 505.01

    anyone know the part number for castrol 505.01 at the dealer? or have a copy of that service bulletin that was going around.
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    part number for 505.01

    anyone know what the part number for the castrol 505.01 is?
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    part number for 505.01

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    20k service

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    20k service

    how much should i expect to pay at the stealership for the 20k service?
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    nice surprise at fuel pump today

    1.99 per gallon
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    foglights on golf tdi

    anybody add the hella micro de foglights to the golf or jetta. im talking about the ones that come built into the grills already. is there going to be any problem w/ airflow to the intercooler?
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    thule rack = mucho drag

    there a hill on rt 280 in jersey that at the top i usually put the car in neutral and let it coast. it used to go up to about 85mph by the time it got to the end. now it only goes to about 78 or so and you can definitly feel the drag. kinda feels like when your landing in a plane, and the...
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    the 505.01 saga continues

    so i go to linden vw to change the oil. the guy takes my car into the bay and drains the oil. so far so good. then the car comes down and he walks away to get some oil. i figure i will keep quiet just to see what he puts in. he comes back w/ some regular castrol synthetic. so after i made a...
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    first oil change w/ a happy ending.

    after reading all the horror stories about clueless dealers, i was dreding this day. so i bring the car to Linden VW in NJ. I explain to the service guy the situation w/ 505.01. He seemed clueless. I had brought w/ me a copy of that VW service bulletin explaining 505.01 to the service dept...
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    505.01 in NJ

    i have 4200 miles on my PD. anyone know of any dealers in north Jersey that are using the correct oil?