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    MKIV Jetta parting out all parts Seats gone

    I am parting out my 2001 Jetta TDI. Was involved with a front end collision.... All parts rear of windshield available. Anything ahead of windshield, call or email for condition of required part. Engine, is 2002 with 160K and new timming belt, water pump and turbo just 10K ago. Runs great...
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    Frustrated with power loss - Please HELP

    sorry for the double post....
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    Frustrated with power loss - Please HELP

    My 2001 Jetta TDI has lost power, Starts fine, runs well, but lacks power. Four codes P0216, P0245, P0102 and P0000. Scanguage shows no turbo boost, Timing is 26 degrees. I have no history on the TB, so I changed it.... Basic timing is bang on, started right up, put new fuel filter on, My Vagcom...