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  1. d0u8l3m

    BSM Delete Oil Plug Issue

    So long story short, had the turbo swapped on the Passat by Mike at 413 auto with a hybrid 1756. Driving the car home on the highway one night during acceleration, engine shuts off. Try to start it and hear a clunk. Eventually got the car home, pulled the head and found that the exhaust manifold...
  2. d0u8l3m

    012 DUK Transmission Exploded view part numbers available?

    012 DUK Transmission internal part numbers available? Hey guys So somehow I managed to blow up my transmission, can shift in all the gears but the engine revs like its in neutral no matter what. Clutch pedal feels like its operating normally. Not sure why it failed when it did, as it showed...
  3. d0u8l3m

    Site Platform Update??

    So just curious. Are there any plans on updating the site platform? Its pretty dated at this point imo. S10forum just went to XenForo and it looks beautiful. Thoughts?
  4. d0u8l3m

    Weird Noise from Trans?? (B5.5 5 Speed Swap)

    Hey everyone, looking to bother you all again for advise. My car recently developed some weird rattling noise that I cant really describe. It seems its coming from around the transmission/engine mating area. I have a DUK 5 speed with a dual mass flywheel and sachs SRE clutch from Frans. No...
  5. d0u8l3m

    BSM Delete with ALH hybrid pan??

    So I've seen a few people do this before. I just completed my balance shaft delete on the Passat donor engine for my truck project. In order to use the ALH hybrid pan do I need to swap the pickup tube from the passat 1.8 one to an ALH one? Mine from the kit seems to be right up against the...
  6. d0u8l3m

    BGW/Euro Passat Aux Heater Wiring

    Does anyone have access to the wiring diagrams for a BGW Passat or one form Europe with the electric auxiliary heater? I have already modified the ECU software to enable this feature, but I need to know how many relays I need/where the outputs are from the ECU. Thanks!
  7. d0u8l3m

    Rear axle beam bent?

    So last week my road was getting repaved and one of the idiot dump truck drivers was speeding down the hill while I was leaving for work....long story short he was in the middle of the road as I was coming up on the Apex of the up hill turn, and I had to move out of the way to avoid him at the...
  8. d0u8l3m

    Part out: 2004 Passat TDI Wagon, Eastern CT

    Part out: 2005 Passat TDI Wagon, Eastern CT Hello everyone I have a Passat TDI wagon that I'm parting out. Everything is available except any major mechanical parts in the engine bay/engine, the lift pump, and other misc things that ill need for my engine swap project. If you have any...
  9. d0u8l3m

    1999 S10 ZR2 BHW Swap

    Hello everyone! I'm starting to plan a TDI swap into my trusty old s10. I have a build thread on s10forum which serves as a place to get more information on interfacing with the truck, but I need some info from you TDI gurus as well, so here we are. Here's the s10 thread where ill try to keep...
  10. d0u8l3m

    FS: lots of stuff from d0u8l3m in CT

    My car is in the shop having a manual swap and some other upgrades done. I'd like to get rid of the automatic with the TCM. This was a two owner car (I'm the second got the car at around 120k) it currently has about 135k on it. The first owner was my buddies grandmother and she only used it for...
  11. d0u8l3m

    Build Log: D0U8L3M's 2005 B5.5

    Seen a few of these types of threads on here, so I'm sure some people will be interested. Basically a continuation of my advice thread [no this car has not nickel and dimed me as some would like to think ;) ] Here's how she started Current...
  12. d0u8l3m

    BSM Deleted w/new timing belt = Terrible MPG?

    Hey guys I just recently had the BSM deleted and timing belt changed on my 05 BHW up in mass at 413 Auto Before I dropped the car off i was getting mid 30s as my average mpg keeping speed under 50-60, now after on the same routes im barely even getting to 30mpg im averaging 28-29 now. Mike...
  13. d0u8l3m

    WTB: Rosstech Hex+Can

    Looking for a VCDS licence and cable, for my B5.5 Passat tdi. Just saw one go for 100 and missed it, anyone else really not need theirs and wanna help a college kid out? haha :p
  14. d0u8l3m

    New Passat TDI owner. Any immediate tips/changes I need?

    Hey everyone whatsupp. Newbie to VW and diesel cars here and I just bought an 05 Passat TDI from my buddy's grandmother. 120k on the odometer, and the interior and body are mint. His grandma has all her service history, and she took super good care of this thing and did all of the scheduled...