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  1. meerschm

    Opt out of settlement? Better deal?

    So it sounds like they bought his truck back and paid the lawyers.
  2. meerschm

    Opt out of settlement? Better deal?

    Our 2015 MB sprinter is covered by a similar, but different, settlement related to emissions. The law sharks are soliciting owners to opt out of the class action settlement, and offer independent legal action. I remember similar attempts for TDI owners, but do not recall details. Did anyone...
  3. meerschm

    Siriusxm Lifetime Lawsuit

    Thanks I had a lifetime subscription on my 2009 JSW. when I got the 2017, they would not transfer the subscription, so I let them deactivate it on the car that I ended up letting VW buy back. I never got a card, but filled out the online claim form. had to e-mail them with the radio VIN and...
  4. meerschm

    Siriusxm Lifetime Lawsuit

    Thanks for the heads up. Who did you call?
  5. meerschm

    2015 Sportwagen TDI oil level low message but level is good.

    Have you hooked up a VCDS or similar to read the oil level? And where on your dipstick (aka indicator) does the oil come to? These like to be in the middle, not jammed to the high side of full.
  6. meerschm

    ///// how much gain is there in reducing intake temps ? ////

    No, Hotter air, higher temperature; mass flow sensor readings combined with temperature value as input to the computer (I assume your tune includes these parameters as the oem program did) Then the fuel injection duration values and request for turbocharging is adjusted in response to the...
  7. meerschm

    Wheels failed Road Force Balance. What to replace them with?

    You can find a place that will repair and true the wheels. This can be more cost-effective than new wheels. I have had less than stellar results with aftermarket wheels.
  8. meerschm

    condenser blues

    You can also feed them(the part numbers) into google, and will be rewarded with pictures and several sources.
  9. meerschm

    vw and ford
  10. meerschm

    Polar FIS PF04, updated hardware looks like this will be the solution for MQB cars. (including the MK VII)
  11. meerschm

    polar fis PF04

    just got an e-mail that the polar fis folks are updating hardware, and this will be the base for the MQB platform. so folks that have saved a PF03 to use on the new cars should reconsider. quote follows: PolarFIS MK5/6/8P (new hardware revision)We are happy to announce a new hardware revision...
  12. meerschm

    post fix 2009 Jetta wagon fs

    SOLD (back to VW)
  13. meerschm

    FS: parts, tools, book..2009 MK V

    FS: parts, tools, book. wheels and tires .2009 MK V All this stuff is headed to the dump
  14. meerschm

    2017 Golf SportWagen S 1.8L TSI CXBB

    I purchased this car as a replacement for my 09 TDI wagen. now learning anew what this is all about. the wagen is familiar, with an update, and 4mo to learn about found an earlier SSP, for an 888 gen 3, but not specific to the CXBB would be interested if someone has an Self study guide...
  15. meerschm

    FS: Polar FIS+ PF03

    Sold Polar FIS sold
  16. meerschm

    DPF and EGR tube for sale

    FS: Stock DPF and EGR tube Sold
  17. meerschm

    post fix DSG update failure - bricked cars with no solution from VW

    post fix DSG update failure - six hour fix takes over four months Jnuary 2018 Update and summary: January 2018 update: looks like a fix is finally here, for the affected cars. for the few 2009 TDI cars with DSG which would not take the emissions fix software update, it seems an updated...
  18. meerschm

    less stringent checks after fix?

    first time I read, I thought it was a typo. (gen one fix booklet) "....OBD system will be modified and certain emission thresholds within the OBD system will be adjusted.These thresholds set new malfunction detection limits that may be above what inspection and maintenance regulators are...
  19. meerschm

    DPF from 2013 Jetta

    sold sold Mike
  20. meerschm

    2015 Sprinter

    Well, I looked at one of the 2015 TDIs on the market, just seemed lonely. long story short, ended up with a 2015 Sprinter 3500 V6 with a canadian box built on the back (and somehow, a happy wife) we had ordered a 4 cyl MB Sprinter diesel, for a conversion, but that was not to be, at least this...