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  1. Keir_Asher

    FS Bentley CD for the A4 platform, brand new

    Selling a brand new unopened Bentley Volkswagen Official Factory Repair Manual in CD-ROM form. As stated for the A4 platform: Golf, GTI, Jetta 1999-2004 Jetta Wagon 2001-2004 $70 shipped. email or pm me. Thanks.
  2. Keir_Asher

    FS - 02 Jetta GLS

    FS - 02 Jetta GLS - SOLD Well here goes. I have decided to put up my 02 Jetta up for sale. My wife and I have decided to both return to school for our Master's dgrees. This is 1 way to help free up funds for tuition. That is my reason for selling. I hope they are right when they say you...
  3. Keir_Asher

    vag-com and real time MPG

    Where in vag-com does it show me my real time MPG? I am using search, and it isn't helping me too much. Thanks.
  4. Keir_Asher

    Auto trans problem part number confirmation

    I am having a problem with my auto trans staying in gear(brake pedal light on even when depressed) after starting. I just need confirmation that this is the correct procedure and part needed for this problem: Thanks.
  5. Keir_Asher

    Jerry B. Leach customer service /Pela

  6. Keir_Asher

    Jerry B. Leach customer service /Pela

    My Pela went south after 1 use. It would no longer keep a seal to provide adequate suction. I contacted Jerry B. Leach from whom I bought it. They offered a replacement or my money back. I liked the item, when it worked so I got another one. They even had UPS come pick up the defective...
  7. Keir_Asher

    Auto Trans error code

    Search yielded no results regarding this code. Any insight is appreciated. I pulled this from VAG today: Address 02 : Auto Trans Controller: 01M 927 733 KT Component: AG4 Getriebe 01M 4891 Coding: 00000 Shop #. WSC 00000 1 Fault Found: 01192 - Torque Converter Lock-Up Clutch...
  8. Keir_Asher


    Anyone out there using anything else besides the VW stuff for your auto trans? If so what are you using and what are your results?
  9. Keir_Asher

    Green T

    Not the herbal version, although bio D could be considered herbal. Is there a green "T" badge in existance. I know their are green "DI"s out there but I have not found any "T"s. Anyone know of anything?
  10. Keir_Asher

    WTB - Old Navy CCV

    Just like the title says. I am looking for an Old Navy CCV. New/Used, doesn't matter. contact me at: kgasher at yahoo dot com or PM me.
  11. Keir_Asher

    Bentley CD and Linux

    I am not sure where this post falls, so moderators please move as you see fit. I am about to purchase a Bentley cd for my A4. My question is will it install on Linux? Or just Windows? Thanks for any info.
  12. Keir_Asher

    FS - 98 A3 - SOLD

    My wife dropped the a-bomb on me. Yep, automatic. Therfore, I am forced to sell my A3. I REALLY like this car and was just starting to get together some great mods. Then this happens. Well, I have compromised to an automatic A4. The car is in excellent condition in and out. A small...
  13. Keir_Asher

    Rewards from Mobil

    I use Mobil 1 Truck/SUV in my vehicles. Mobil is offering a rewards program. FWIW Thought some may be interested.
  14. Keir_Asher

    WTB Single Din CD monsoon

    I need a single Din monsoon headunit, CD player. Let me know if you are willing to part with one compatible for my '02. Or if for some ungodly reason you would like to trade me for my casette monsoon and some $$. Thanks!
  15. Keir_Asher

    OEM head unit question

    Its a simple question. I did not find a direct answer when searching. I obviously haven't mastered the search function yet. Will an OEM double din unit easily mount in my '02 single din housing plug and play? After removing the storage bay of course. Am I limited to certain models? Am I...
  16. Keir_Asher

    Woodstock, IL GOLF sighting

    I blue golf with 'TDIPWR' plates. You work at Brown Printing. I too work at Brown, but for corporate in Waseca. Nice ride.
  17. Keir_Asher

    Votex or Hella

    I am researching fog lights for my A3. I have a euro switch on the way as well as the wiring harness. I am now deciding on whether to get Votex long fogs or Hella fogs. Is appearance the only difference in these lights? I just installed smoked ecodes and am leaing towards votex smoked long...
  18. Keir_Asher

    WTB - A3 Euroswitch -found

    Putting in e-codes so might as well put in the euroswitch as well. Anyone have one sitting around collecting dust from their old A3? Or if you have seen a website for 1 under $80.... THANKS!
  19. Keir_Asher

    A3 e-code questions

    Well, I FINALLY made the plunge. I purchased oilhammer's new e-codes for my A3. I have seen posts regarding few installation tips. Is there a post or website that has instructions regarding installation? Is the radiator the only thing that needs modification? Does the front bumper need to...
  20. Keir_Asher

    SOLD - Borbet rims

    I am posting a feeler to most likely sell my 14 inch Borbet Type H rims(4) off my A3(4lug). Rims are in excellent condition with only 8 months use. No tires, no lugs. has them at $79 a piece. If sold, I am in southen Mn and would HIGHLY prefer pickup over shipping. $220 for all...