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    1998 Beetle TDI

    Bump. Discovered ac works. Nice and gold. Good cheap transportation. First $1000 gets it. Or I'm just keeping it.
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    1998 Beetle TDI

    Also, has Panzer skid plate. Been on there since the engine rebuild. That was 350.00 . The seats are good newer leather seats from a 2008 beetle. I have a few little parts for it. -- Fuel gauge sender pick up. My friend seemed to think it was the gauge though and not the sender.
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    FS: 2000 Audi A3 TDI 5 spd

    That looks like a fun car. Wish i was in the market. Good luck.
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    1998 Beetle TDI

    Car been in family an my friends family a while. Tons of new parts. Problems are body beat up a bit. seats good leather ones out of a 2008 beetle that was wrecked. Problems are blend doors foam blew out so always blended air and so it doesn't feel like there is any ac. Ac may not be bad but it...
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    Struts & Springs for MKIV For Sale (Florida)

    Im interested. Do these add any additional lift? I'd like to get my beetle up a little bit. Skid plate hits too much .
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    '05 Passat wagon opinion

    They are lemons out of the factory. i dumped mine and lost 8K on it. I'd stay away unless it has already had all the expensive engine and transmission repairs done. Which at 120,000 miles, it's getting ready to cost a ton of money. Nice cars , ride great, fun. Buy one from a member that has...
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    1998 beetle tranny and shift linkage questions

    Update: Good ole oreilly's had a lifetime warranty clutch and smf for 360.00 after tax in stock so i'm went with that. Working on getting it in. I'll post pics later maybe but the clutch had totally disintegrated. The slave cylinder was toast , pushed through the boot and leaking . Maybe that...
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    1998 beetle tranny and shift linkage questions

    One more question -- I now have a single mass flywheel but the car came with a dual mass flywheel? Does that matter when ordering a clutch ? IE , can i just order a clutch kit without flywheel that is specified to fit my car? Or do i need a different clutch for the Single mass flywheel? Thanks
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    DieselGeek Short shifter mk4

    Does this fit the 1998 Beetle? I was looking at diesel geek an they don't sell the kits to fit anything before 2000 with the old shift cable linkages. Thanks
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    1998 beetle tranny and shift linkage questions

    Ok. So according to the thread -- -- the gear selector shaft inside the transmissions along with the "top cover" that has the linkages needs to be swapped out. That is doable right?
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    1998 beetle tranny and shift linkage questions

    So some months back my transmission broke or clutch blew out , I wasn't sure. Pedal went to floor , it wouldn't shift. Loud noise idling. The clutch had been replaced with brand new sachs smf kit a couple years back , not but maybe 20,000 miles on clutch so i wasn't sure it wasn't the tranny...
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    2005 Passat wagon for sale -- I give up

    Sold to rich c. Congratulations rich. I hope you have better luck than I did !
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    2005 Passat wagon for sale -- I give up

    Just one rust spot on the front driver quarter panel. I put por 15 on it and forgot about it since its an easily replaceable body panel. No rust anywhere else , on frame or anything. It's been in nashville most of it's life and spent 3 years in ohio. That's where it got that rust spot i guess...
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    2005 Passat wagon for sale -- I give up

    Here is a cl ad with pics You can contact me through that . Email or phone or text is best. It will be a good cheap car for someone if they want to rebuild an engine.
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    2005 Passat wagon for sale -- I give up

    Bump. Hey Y'all! I'm getting divorced and need to sell this car. It starts but needs a ring job. It has a brand new fran06 cam in. Just tons of blow by. Just did balance shaft delete and cam and transmission rebuild and such. I hate to part it out. Someone make an offer. I have about 3 months...
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    WTB -- 1998 TD Beetle Transmission

    I'm almost positive the 5 speed transmission is toast in my 1998 alh tdi beetle. It has a rebuilt engine that runs awesome and had a new clutch 30k ago. I haven't pulled the tranny yet. But just putting this out there if anyone has one. Will any A4 ALH TDI 5spd work - jetta , golf , bettle ? Thanks
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    2005 Passat wagon for sale -- I give up

    I'm giving up on my wagon. Too much trouble. After doing the balance shaft delete, then then the cam shaft, the thing ran great for 3 weeks and now has a ton of blow by . Frank06 where i got the cam shaft from said it's a broken ring probably. The car ran better than it ever had for a few weeks...
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    Got my frank06 cam installed -- wooohooo

    My christmas present for me and my 2005 passat wagon. The car is finally running how it should. It's been a crazy storm of events with this car at 160,000 miles. Egr cooler, cam finally failed past limits , balance shaft tensioner broke , egr clogged, o2 sensor code .... After doing balance...
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    Nice 2004 Beetle GLS TDI -- Nashville , TN need to sell

    Afik all 2004 - 2005 all platforms were Pd bew motors. I wish I had this engine in my Passat wagon.