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    WTB cd changer for 1996 passat tdi

    my cd changer won't load or eject!
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    Hello, do you still have the cd changer?

    Hello, do you still have the cd changer?
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    CD changer not ejecting

    Hi, my cd changer stopped working recently. It makes noises but won't load and won't eject either. Do you still have yours?
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    1996-7 tdi wagon owners in Colorado or Los Angeles?

    My 1996 tdi wagon drives a bit 'wallowy/floaty/??' and I'm wondering if that is normal for it.
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    Noise on Deceleration

    Hello out there. I have this same throaty noise. Any updates?
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    1996 passat tdi wagon

    Hello, I am not selling just yet but wanted to put a teaser out to get potential interest in my 1996 wagon. It is basically perfect (considering it's 23 years old). 89,000 miles if you can believe it. Probably the lowest mileage wagon left, or top few anyway. If I sell, it would be to someone...
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    1996 Passat Wagon TDI silver (B4V) - $6000 - Houston, Tx

    96/97 wagon club? listing of them still on the road? I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a listing or club of 96/97 wagons out there?
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    New to us B4 wagon

    The question is has anyone ignored changing the belt and how long did it run before failure? Lol!