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    Any Experience With Snow Chains for Jetta?

    I live in major snow country and have dedicated studded snows. You will not need studs. Even here, almost no one uses chains anymore. Look into snows with a little more open tread since a hill is your issue. Smoother super siped snows (Hakkas, Nokians, Nittos,etc.) are sometimes defeated with a...
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    Did she put gasoline in it?
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    Under Hood Insulation Mat = New Style Worked Great for Yrs, Now Back Middle Is Hanging Down

    Out of boredom and irritation from the hanging insulation mat, I did this zip tie fix and am stoked. Easy, fast and 100% mo betta. Thanks
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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    Changed the oil and filter, changed the trans fluid and filter, installed the p2015 gizmo, new air filter and cabin filter and put the summer tires back on. Been looking forward to some car maintenance time for weeks. Had a slight hurdle as my new laptop didn't wanna download the VCDS newest...
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    Rear Cargo Shade/Tonneau Cover fit

    So, you paid $420 for a used one from Lithuania and another $125 for shipping? Good lord man...
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    Rear Cargo Shade/Tonneau Cover fit

    I have 2 that I never use. One is from a 2009, the other from a 2012. I'm willing to sell and ship but I gotta think shipping would be pricey. Holler or direct message me here...
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    ABS Sensor Broken

    I've pulled out a couple of these and they can be damn snug in there. I'd be disinclined to take any other route than trying to pull it out. Maybe tapping it to loosen it a tad; Maybe a drop of lube in there too. don't overspray onto brakes and stuff. I have a small pick set from harbor freight...
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    How bad is the smell after DPF delete?

    Hey OilHammer, I've got a diesel smell question for ye: I had my dmf replaced last fall. Prior to that I couldn't smell squat from my car, even after idling in a closed garage for a few minutes. Now I sense a faint smell occasionally. At least I think I do. It's that vague. During the dmf...
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    DIY: DSG Transmission scheduled maintenance (40K miles interval)

    ^^^^ And I would add, warm the fluid up and it'll go into the top fill much quicker. I just put my dsg fluid container in a bucket of warm water and when it's warm, I fill up the hanging funnel and it's fast. Looking at a 120k service tomorrow and installing a new skidplate.
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    DSG Dualmass Flywheel parts & labor in 2022?

    The actual tech was a younger dude but the shop supervisor/foreman was Jay, around 50 and a blond beard and glasses. Both were top notch and I'm a finicky, whip crackin sumbitch. Also, I snagged an evolution imports osiris skidplate from an Ocoee forum guy for $150, Score. Just drove back...
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    Far from home, need a good TDI mechanic...

    Funny you say that, they were at the top of my local list, met with them twice and was duly impressed but... They couldn't get it in on my tightly compressed time frame. I expanded on my experience over in the other thread. All worked out surprisingly well.
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    "SOLD" FS NEW mk5/mk6 Diesel Geek Panzer skid plate kit $150 plus S/H

    Thanks S., appreciate the deal and a pleasure to meet and chat with you. TDI forum rules. 🤜 >*<🤛
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    Far from home, need a good TDI mechanic...

    Thanks, Herc...Time and distance were problematic so I went with the local VW dealer and they hooked me up properly. I wouldn't have bet $2 that it'd go as well as it did. appreciate ya.
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    DSG Dualmass Flywheel parts & labor in 2022?

    Thought I'd follow up on my experience. I called around but getting a flywheel swapped out before Turkey day was pretty much a no go at any of the local independents. The VW dealer though said he could get it done and sooner was better than later. He says yes to my supplying the DMF and bolts...
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    Thank you kindly.

    Thank you kindly.
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    Hi Brian, I go by skibumjh on the forum. Looking to confirm what I've understood re: replacing...

    Hi Brian, I go by skibumjh on the forum. Looking to confirm what I've understood re: replacing my dual mass flywheel. I have a 2012 Jetta sportwagen with the DSG trans. I understand that the LuK DMF 126 is the one I need. Carid say I need the 181, but they agreed the 126 will work in my car...
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    DSG Dualmass Flywheel parts & labor in 2022?

    Understood and agreed, a ****show in the Texas panhandle is incredibly unappealing to me. Or Louisiana, Ole miss, Bama... Yeah, I was hoping the belt job would be a good addition but knew it was not in the same zone. I think I've found a solid local euro specific shop. They have excellent...
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    2012 Golf TDI(Neighbors car), do you really need to reset the battery?

    I'm a little confused at the above info. I just put a new Interstate battery in my 2012 JSW. It's model MTX-48/H6. It's an AGM premium level with 760 CCA. It lives at 6400' above sea level and sees below zero temps every winter, sometimes a week or 2 below zero. Per Wilkins post above, is it...
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    DSG Dualmass Flywheel parts & labor in 2022?

    Yeah, I just bounced it offa them first to get what I consider a ceiling price. At 109k, I asked them if they could do the timing belt too as they'd be deep in the engine bay, he said another $1900. Seriously? ***... Thanks for that info, it helps. And i could wrangle some ramps from the...
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    DSG Dualmass Flywheel parts & labor in 2022?

    Yeah, tell me about it. Problem is, none are particularly specialized in the TDI. There are a few who can probably handle it without issue, but costwise and wait time are bound to be problematic for me. Frankly, getting work done here in FL is rather appealing as there are more eurocar oriented...