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    B.C. Emissions and Fuel Economy?

    Tax? Since it is Canada, it sounds pretty likely, although I had never considered this - You read it correctly the first time 450km round trip - 900km there and back twice. I have been getting around 750 to 800km per tank on average I would guess - and yes the winters on the prairie should and...
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    B.C. Emissions and Fuel Economy?

    Does anyone know what exactly the "B.C. Emissions" option is on a 2002 Golf TDI 5-speed? The car I purchased had it installed from the factory - I guess the dealer traded up with another in B.C (I live in Winnipeg) and yes the dealer covered the cost of the option. Anyway - I would be curious...
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    1400 miles (2254 km.) on 1 tank!!

    Funny how you could be driving a Passat TDI - with a "Unleaded Fuel Only" warning on the dash... Don't worry I "believe" you though...