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    White cotton "swab" test of my CCV mod!!!

    I received two in the mail today. One was dated 1943 and the other one 1944. Everything looks in great condition. Hard to believe these are that old! There are no moving parts, so they should keep on working for the life time of my TDI! [ December 16, 2002, 22:20: Message edited by: BillW ]
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    OEM Headlight Washers

    Monaco is a great source. Ian Clark helped out with my 205s injectors. I like being able to just give them my Visa and no International money transfer fees. Thanks
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    Bosio Nozzles are in stock

    What is so special about the Power plus injectors? What are the differences between "Sprint" versus "Power Plus" .216 nozzles? I know the "Sprint" are supposed to be like stock injectors. Will one atomize the fuel droplets better than the other style? I want the best atomization. Thanks for any...
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    Xenon Retrofit for 2002 Golf using OEM Parts

    I can tell you that there are two styles of headlights out there. I bought an older set off of E-bay. The build year was 1998. On my headlights the controllers (high voltage ballasts) were bolted to the left and right headlights. There are no 4-pin connectors on the back of the headlight...
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    OEM Headlight Washers

    Here is the exact questions I asked him and he responded in English. "Ich Wollte noch fragen wegen der Bora Düsen und Abdeckungen? Diese Teilen passen nur auf ein Golf 4? Oder? Ich meine das diese Teile sind nich gleich mit dem Bora und Golf 4? Es sollte verschiedene Teile mit dem Bora da die...
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    OEM Headlight Washers

    I wrote him and received a response earlier this evening. He said the Bora and Golf 4 are the same thing. His kit will work for both. I am just concerned because of this other thread.;f=19;t=001132;p=2#000039 Also, this seller is...
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    OEM Headlight Washers

    I read in one other thread that the Bora Nozzles and covers need to be ordered with this $170.00 kit? Apparently the Golf 4 is different from the Bora? Any additional information in regards to a New Jetta would be appreciated. I did not see any special parts for the Bora in this E-bay link...
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    Has anyone tried the "Greddy" CCV mod?

    With this cheap Bendix oil separator, the system is still closed to the environment and you get a clean intercooler and intake track without adding any pollution to the atmosphere. What a great worthwhile mod for $25.00. BTW, the price will be going up next year to $45.00 for these parts...
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    Has anyone tried the "Greddy" CCV mod?

    Here is a cheap way I found on the forum. A $25.00 oil separater which normally costs about $250.00 at other places. Here is the cheap $25.00 link: Here is the price list and item number. Just look for the $25.00 price and you will...
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    What kind of mileage do PD engines get?

    If you go to I notice the TDI 110 has better highway mileage even compared to the PD engines. The TDI 90 engine actually receives lower MPGs compared to the TDI 110. So, that is partly why I bought my TDI 110 injectors(also for more power too.) Stock with my TDI 90 injectors, I...
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    UPsolute Power Christmas sale

    Along with the Viper, I'll take a knife. Thanks
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    OEM Headlight Washers

    Where do you buy all of the parts for the washer system for a New Jetta? I need the same set up for my OEM Xenons. Any kits or easy way to do this in the USA? Thanks
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    UPsolute Power Christmas sale

    What does the Viper come with? Everything for cold induction including the ducting? Are there any additional items I need to make the Viper work in an A4 ALH 1.9L TDI New Jetta? Thanks!
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    My TDI stinks more than usual lately

    I have noticed this also with my Flying J truck stop. I think the fuel is blended differently than previous fuel. My car has a much stronger odor than I recall with previous fuel. I thought maybe because of my larger injectors, the odor was stronger. But now after hearing yours smells stronger...
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    Model airplane engine question???

    I just bought a glass blender off of E-bay and will try making some smaller batches of biodiesel. I can actually buy World Energy biodiesel from Cardwell distributing in Salt Lake City, but they require a 250 gallon minimum order. That is too much for me right now to buy and store in the garage...
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    Model airplane engine question???

    I bought an O.S. 46 engine off of E-bay last summer with a diesel Davis conversion head. It actually ran, but sure was messy. Think of your TDI black motor oil flying all over the airplane and on to your clothes. I could not clean my clothes after playing with this engine. I ruined a perfectly...
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    more power, sooooo confused

    SVTWEB, What ECU would I look for with an AHF Bora TDI 110? I have a 1999.5 A4 New Jetta with ECU 038 906 018 EB Thanks for any info! I totally aggree that the European ECU, 205's, stock TDI 110 oil cooler with maybe a VNT adjustment to match the European turbo setup is the most durable...
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    UPsolute Power Christmas sale

    I am glad to see Upsolute has some new software prototyping. I have been waiting for a long time with my 205 injectors. Hopefully, this will be the final ticket! P.S. I really want the TDI 110 Upsolute version from Europe brought over to the U.S.A though. Will this ever happen?
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    ECU Compatible?

    I am interested in tinkering also. If it does not work in your Golf, we could try it in my New Jetta. 15 minute install. 30 minute drive to your place.
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    SA headlight sw. prt #

    You can turn the switch on the first click and it just turns on all of your marker headlights. The second click turns on the front main headlights. You pull it out when the headlights are turned on and it lights up the front fog lights. There is no position to turn on the rear fogs though. I...