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    WTB Golf 4dr 5speed

    Mine is up for sale shortly: 2002 Golf GLS TDi, 5spd, 4door, Greasecar conversion. Has been my daily since October 2008; I bought it with ~130k. I live in the city so it really moves once a week now, if that. - 191k miles, 5spd. - Uni-Black/black cloth, - sun/moon roof, - shortened shifter, -...
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    recommendations for a shop in/around Philly?

    yeah, thats some of what i heard. thanks for the input, looks like i'm venturing back to Harrisburg for work this week so I'll just take it there.
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    recommendations for a shop in/around Philly?

    i only have one car so that might be kind of difficult to swing, especially if might need something beyond day's repair... i have family in Bethlehem though; how far is your shop from PA?
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    recommendations for a shop in/around Philly?

    hi all, I'm not on here much, but am looking for a shop somewhere in or around Philly. I've read good and mixed things on Gene's in Broomall; when I lived in central PA I always took my mk3 and mk4 TDis to European Imports in Harrisburg and loved it, and am considering heading back there if I...
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    2004 Golf TDi Battery Drain

    not trying to high jack, but i originally had the same problem. replaced battery, etc. and seemed OK. sometimes you just get a bad battery that lasts a year?... sadly. my problem is the alarm not arming since the above - when i use the FOB, lights blink, but no honk/beep at me. the alarm works...
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    FS Used WVO Greasecar Conversion Kit

    IM sent. missed the switch part, sorry :rolleyes:
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    Feeler WTT / FS Bilstein HD's for your TC's - Feeler

    LMK how much you'd be asking for these straight up. I dont have anything to trade besides stock suspension :D
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    Hidden Hitch for Golf 199-2005, and some 2006's

    interested, if doesnt sell email me please k.bbmarch @ gmail . com
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    FT/(FS): 2004 Honda Element LX, awd, 5spd, 74k miles

    yeah sorry for the confusion. bumped because i might have been getting a car with the job, but am no longer -- hence the price drop and must sell or trade looking for a TDi. getting a different job with the company, and i'll be on the road all the time. i am specifically looking for a TDI...
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    99 Mk4 golf 2dr "FT Feeler"

    man i'd love to pick this up. too bad you're not looking for [car] trades :mad: haha if i sell my car (ASAP..) i'll be sure to look you up with this one.
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    FT/(FS): 2004 Honda Element LX, awd, 5spd, 74k miles

    whoa thats a long ad haha bump it up. sadly gotta sell this
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    FS "DZSL SLC" 1992 Corrado TDI with 1999.5 ALH

    :eek: holy. this is what made me want to .. make one. hence my screenname :D i'll trade you this
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    FT/(FS): 2004 Honda Element LX, awd, 5spd, 74k miles

    as the title states. i want to get back into a VW/diesel, and have my 2004 Element up for trade. will also sell outright for $11,250. KBB/Nada values are around $11.7 last time i checked. yes, its a Honda. i realize that. on to the ad :cool: 2004 Honda Element LX - 74,xxx miles --- still...
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    FS 97 B4 in PA $3600

    if i can sell my car (2004 Honda Element) i'll be looking you up. hope you still have this.
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    For Sale 2002 Golf TDI 2-Door

    sunroof? hows the clutch? timing belt? why are you getting rid of it?
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    FS 97 B4 in PA $3600

    haha what you sayin' i dont talk no proper english? :D still interested in your car, PS.
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    FS 97 B4 in PA $3600

    interested fo' sho. you're not entertaining trades, are you?
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    97 B4 in PA

    yeah its a nice car. went to check it out today, would be worth it for anyone. he's not sure of the records (timing belt, etc) but he seem'd to think it had been done judging by the cleanliness of the engine bay and the "nice head" on the car. strange, though... wouldnt let me test drive it...