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    6sp manual clutch issues

    My 2012 Tdi bug has a clutch issue (6sp manual) when cold im getting some bad clutch judder when pulling away. After 10 mins or so of driving it stops. Also shifting isnt as smooth and the car generally doesn't feel as smooth. Its done 14.5k miles now. Any ideas? Im thinking either DMF or oil...
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    Our 2012 Beetle TDI

    Hey Luce :D Crustyoreo???? Thats where I live!
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    Beetle TDI Real World MPG

    Currently achieving this out of my 2.0TDI in the UK. And yes this is real :D
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    VAG-COM tweeks

    My UK TDI has electromechanical power steering. I thought in the US it was just the 2.5 petrol that had hydraulic power steering (old tech to go with an old engine! ;) )
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    Changing front brakes on 2000 new Beetle

    Eh? How do you work that out! The bias is on the fronts, in my experience the fronts always wear first! Ive had 8 New Beetles, all wore the fronts out at about 50k and the rears around 65k!
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    Beetle TDI Real World MPG

    Now averaging 58mpg (thats UK gallons) with the A/C off and around 48mpg with it on.
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    Beetle TDI mod

    What sort of power is it putting out now?
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    Our 2012 Beetle TDI

    Over here we can get the TDI in all trim levels (Beetle, Design and Sport) the Design we have is the Mid spec and has the retro wheels, the Beetle has steel wheels with trims I think and the Sport has spokey looking alloys :)
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    Our 2012 Beetle TDI

    This is my new 2012 Beetle 2.0 TDI Design, had 140bhp as standard. Lovely engine very very quiet and smooth, sounds like a petrol from inside the car! And comoared to my NB tdi cab that I traded the dynamics are world's apart the 2012 beetle is better in every way! A few pics: And...
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    My 1.9 TDI PD New Beetle Cab

    Yeah we can, the TDI is a popular choice and retains its value best of all of em by far! Well the Cab has been traded for a 2012 Beetle TDI :D Pics on a different thread .
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    Trailer Hitch?

    Personally I wouldnt like to fit one. The 2012 Bug hasn't been tested or approved for a tow hitch so fitting one would be at your risk, but then of something happens.... Also if its anything like the UK then fitting a tow hitch would be illegal as the car hasn't been approved for it. The...
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    Beetle TDI Real World MPG

    September 2012 2.0 tdi with 6sp manual, 9860 miles. UK based so all town driving really! 44.7mpg on average.
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    My 1.9 TDI PD New Beetle Cab

    Thought I'd post a few pics of my 2006 New Beetle Cab, 1.9 TDI PD. I've had it 15mths now and is 2nd TDI PD Bug (I had an 02 TDI PD, in the UK we got the PD lump from 2000 onwards ;) ) and my 8th New Beetle, my mrs also has an 07 2.0 Petrol New Beetle. Only mods really are a remap to approx 135bhp.
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    Starter Grinding With Fly Wheel?

    Its not the starter grinding with the flywheel its the starter staying engaged for a fraction longer because clutch dust has got into it, very very common on vdubs and nothing to worry about, some of my old VDubs did this and the starter lasted until I sold it (another 20k miles) and afaik is...
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    1.9 TDI PD - Issues please help!

    Ive scanned it no codes what so ever.
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    1.9 TDI PD - Issues please help!

    I've not noticed any exhaust smell in the cabin either with the AC on or off. Trouble with the bug its all so tight at the back its so difficult to see/get to anything!
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    1.9 TDI PD - Issues please help!

    Thanks for the reply :) Its not smoking at all either on a run or at start-up (other than a bit of black smoke occassionally). I'd have thought it would be producing blue smoke if the Turbo was done for? It does go back into VW next week under their parts warranty for the EGR leak, but I...
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    1.9 TDI PD - Issues please help!

    I've got a few issues with my 2006 1.9TDI PD 105bhp (originally ;) ) New Beetle Cab (UK car) Its remapped to approx 135-140bhp. It has now done 64,500 miles, serviced 700 miles ago. No Warning lights and does not go into limp mode. I haven't had a chance to scan it for codes recently, but...
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    Help - Is it really my steering rack!

    MY 2006 1.9TDI New Beetle (with only 54k on) is making a weird noise from the steering (all the running gear is the same as the MK4 Golf). When stopped if I turn the steeering slowly left to right (but loudest when turning it to the left) I get like a dry grinding type noise which resonates...
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    Steering Vibration

    I can't see any? I took the cap off and tried bleeding it, but how would there be air in it in the first place?