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    Tell Us About Your Running Swaps: Mileage Racked Up,Impressions,Things You Would....

    That is awesome. In the next year or two I'll get on with swapping ALH into the eurovan. Should be fun
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    Mk2 Gti 1z conversion thread

    Wish it was that easy to get inspection done in Illinois. No one can point you in correct direction in this state. My next swap planned it for the eurovan
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    1Z smokes blue/white at idle when cold. All new parts

    TTT Still looking for resolution. Update on top of first page.
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    Mk2 Gti 1z conversion thread

    Looking great. Have you looked into plug and play HID kits? I installed a set on my CORRADO with relay kit and made world of difference.
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    1Z smokes blue/white at idle when cold. All new parts

    Polished crank with standered size bearings which plastigauged to correct oil space.
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    1Z smokes blue/white at idle when cold. All new parts

    Thank you for the input. I was seeing the same with gasket thickness and also you did put it into perspective with no hole gasket. Now on to figuring out why stock ALH pistons and a decket block still gives me low readings.
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    1Z smokes blue/white at idle when cold. All new parts

    Sorry for making it complicated. These engines are simple but my issues is not simply resolved. I been putting a lot of effort into figuring out the smoke and every time I get recommendations it's always regarding injectors, ignition timing, mechanical timing or glow plugs. All these systems...
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    Help! Cannot remove right outer CV axle

    Depending reason why you are removing it at this time I'll assum you are replacing wheel bearing. Use a three jaw puller. Put tension on the spindle and what you may find is the axle splines free up or at least the hub comes off eliminating what's been holding it. Only draw back is if you are...
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    1Z smokes blue/white at idle when cold. All new parts

    Update. Pulled the cylinder head to measure piston protrusion. Readings are in inches. #1 0.032 0.033 #2 0.032 0.032 #3 0.036 0.032 #4 0.032 0.029 Bentley specs 1 notch 0.035-0.039 2 notch 0.039-0.043 3 notch 0.043-0.047 Would the difference I am finding cause my start up smoke? As a...
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    Glow plugs 101 ***Ver. 2.0***

    Sounds like bunch of crap to me. Did they give you any further info? Did you pull any codes yourself? Could be better to get codes before you spend any money. Check on here for related issues after getting the history codes. Make sure to get second opinion as well.
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    98 jetta wont start?

    If you have a DTC scanner and are able to communicate with ECU I would try to crank it. If it still does not than use a piece of wire to jump the starter solenoid. Tap on the starter if it's only clicking. This may get it to start rotating and maybe will start the engine.
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    1Z smokes blue/white at idle when cold. All new parts

    I had to take a break from working on the Corrado don't surgery. Once I am able I'll get back in it in attempts to figure it out.
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    Bottom cover (splash tray) Where to buy?

    There are aftermarket metal skid plates that could be used as replacements.
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    Troubleshooting power lock air lines?

    Is the pump staying on to long or is it making bad sounds? It could be going out if it is giving off grinding sound. You can use compressor and regulator set to low pressure. Unplug at the pump and apply pressure. Move around to hear for source of leak.
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    Auto to manual tranny conversion: looking for mechanic

    Check for vortex members who can swap transmissions in mk4 gasser. There should not be much of a difference between the procedures.
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    Bottom cover (splash tray) Where to buy?

    I have only seen tdi's with large belly pan. Other engines only had side shields. Often the pan is ripped off do to rod debris.
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    Timing Too Retarded to Plot

    You can adjust the timing and check how it does.
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    Fuel gauge goes down when accelerating

    Check vehicle speed sensor. Cluster uses vss to prevent gauge from jumping around when braking, accelerating and turning. Signal being left out will result in cluster reading Empty once car starts moving.
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    Oil filter leak

    Nice. Hopefully it holds.
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    I Need parts, OEM only ? Good aftermarket source ?

    I dint notice rock carrying them but ECS does too. I got one from ECS and other from IDParts.