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    Did I just experience/interrupt a regen?

    If it is of any use to you- mine had two regens within the first 1000 miles- there forward the regens were less often (and most time, not even noticeable). I could detect solely by the weird smells and fan running after shut down. I also had wished there was a dash indicator, but alas....
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    Exhaust Flap TSB

    I received notice from VOA- Warranty Extension for Engine Exhaust Flap "Certain 2009-2012 (Engine Codes CBEA, CJAA and CKRA)" States warranty will be extended to 10 years or 120,000 miles It clearly states certain conditions which it will not cover the Flap- non-EPA or CARB certified parts...
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    Will miss my JSW TDi

    I just had the last CEL last week- it was another 02 sensor. It appeared it was going to throw a CEL every few months- I had three in less than 20 months. To a previous post- the Focus is turning in 38mpg +/- on highway, 32mpg on local driving. Little lower than TDi on Highway, high than TDi...
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    Will miss my JSW TDi

    Tomorrow, I turn in my wagon. I had hoped that I would contract the "VW bug" and really enjoy the car. But alas, I did not and only kicked myself for not doing the right research before buying. I have no particular dislike for VW; aspects of the car are very desireable. It is plain it was not...
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    Is Jetta Sportwagon the way to go?

    Seemingly you are asking a question that only you can answer. For my 2 cents, if you want a TDI, the JSW is the only way to go. Mine is a great little car, but that is in my world- so it really doesn't have any real input into what your needs may be. You appear to be soured by VW, as such I...
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    moving to Vermont

    Mine starts about the same at -20 as it does at +70. I would think some sort of block heater is a lot kinder to the engine. With the electrical assist cabin heat and heated seats the coldest days bearable.
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    Cruise control on 2010 TDI

    I cannot speak to your exact car assuredly, Most cars: The brake. clutch, and of course the cruise control button will automatically disengage the cruise.
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    2011 Jetta TDI Sportwagen Dashlight Diagram

    Sorry, I don't not have scanner to post what owner's manual shows. Did want to advise you the manual does not list all of them, secondly they are mentioned in various spots thru the manual.
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    another new 2012 golf tdi 'engine light' popping on 10 mins after purchase

    Mine exactly the same- about 3 months, got the CEL, it was 02 sensor. According to service department- it would have been defective from day one- just finally upset the cart sufficient to set a code and CEL. No biggie
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    Buying 2011 Sportwagen TDI, worried about HPFP failure

    I don't think state mandated will show the data- depends on the retailers supplier- states that mandate BD offers no information for fuel sold in other states that may or may not have BD added. There are failures in mandated states, so BD additive is not the answer (solution). Simply remains...
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    Any cold climate JSW TDIs?

    Based on temps of -10 early morning to +10 during day Unfortunately mine is not garage Mine starts just like it was 70 degree, Glow plug light doesn't seem to stay on any longer than warm day starts. Aux heat starts as soon as I turn heat on (I use blower at 2 and set temp at warmest - full turn...
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    How low will Sirius renewal offers will go?

    Just cancel and you will get a better deal- however you have to play that game every year- it will always "automatically" renew at full price. Also understand they will hound the h*** out of you when you cancel- expect a minimum of three calls a week. Not worth the effort for me- it was nice on...
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    Minor Bump any advice?

    The claim would not be on your policy- it will be on the other party's insurance- Doesn't make any difference what it cost to repair, you should not have any out of pocket expense Do not file claim with your insurance carrier- it gets filed with the other driver's insurance
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    My Apologies....but...

    That remains solely as your opinion- which is certainly your right and I respect it. Kindly understand you in a venue in which your opinion is in the vast minority. Many will state that you are absolutely incorrect. Personally, I don't know or care, the only opinion that really matters to me...
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    My Apologies....but...

    Every comment that you have made has either informed me or offered food for thought. I see no cause for apology- I (like you) remain in agreement that VW is not a "perfect" auto manufacturer. That being said, the constant beating up on VW offers no useful fruit in this venue. We could...
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    Sold the JSW

    Peace of mind is sufficient reason. Everyone is different, (as example I wish cars did not have cup holders) your concern is valid in your mind and that is all that matters. I concur many/most VW dealerships are not qualified. For me, I carry phone on long trips in the unlikely event that I...
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    Catalytic Converter Light

    Mine did the same thing at 7k miles. It was a 02sensor
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    Confusion about first service mileage (5k ??)

    I took mine in for a 90 day inspection- and again at 5k miles. Dealership said the 5k was only to top off fluids and inspection. They indicated it was not required by VW, it was a precaution they took to get a chance to look over the car. They washed it, looked over the body, spent about 15...
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    TDI pistons , casts or forged ?

    that is a casting, you can see the sand pits
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    This is goodbye to my JSW TDI......

    At the end of the day, it becomes an item that was designed, engineered, built by humans- as such reflective of all fragile defects of mere mortals. There are many of us that drive a VW because we want to. Makes no one right or wrong, simply different. I will drive mine until something else...