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    Fs neuspeed tdi discharge pipe

    Selling a practically new tdi discharge pipe for cjaa. 100 shipped
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    FS some MKIV TDI ALH parts

    I have some parts laying around. TDI GLOW plug relay 0281003014 (038911253) Hard injector lines, complete set 80K Harmonic damper (crank pulley) with about 80K on it BO on these parts and add shipping depending what zip. PM me
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    Fs black glove box mk4 jetta

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    Alh parts, IP, pipes, wheels, relays, harmonc damper, etc..

    I have a good condition 10mm injection pump with about 130k on it. Asking 375.00 shipped Also have the lines from the pump to nozzles 40.00 Stock upper intercooler pipe-30.00 Factory crank pulley harmonic damper-50.00 Glow plug relay and ecm relays-both 50.00 BBS RXII plasti dipped in black so...
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    FS MKIV Jetta 5 SPD, stage 4, bad cylinder

    Thanks for the kind words., I would but I have no time or energy these days to mess with it. It would make a great really great daily or project car for someone. Also included is brand new Mann : 2 fuel filters, 5 oil filters, 1 cabin filter
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    FS MKIV Jetta 5 SPD, stage 4, bad cylinder

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    DC/Baltimore area social/lunch GTG - February 21, 2015 @ noon

    I can speak for Allen. Great guy, knows his TDI's and does excellent work. Die hard VW fan, and his CR Golf is pretty bad ass. I will try to make it as well
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    2003 alh part out, 5 spd swap, etc..

    Complete car sold...everything gone
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    Alh with mods hp

    regardless of optimistic in your opinion, I dynoed them in the summer and winter months, uncorrected, which is the variance. actually, I dynoed at two different locations, multiple runs at different times in the year to see the consistency in the tune. but if you do "corrected", they all come to...
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    Alh with mods hp

    Why is that funny? My car made 170 whp/320 ft lbs with a smaller turbo ,10mm pump, and RC4. Why wouldn't his be able to make more with a bigger 17/22, higher flowing intake manifold, 11mm pump and RC4+. I dynoed my car on a couple different dyno's and all were within 10 whp +/- so I took the...
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    Alh with mods hp

    A solid 180 whp and 300+ lbs ft
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    FS refurbished IDparts 2" DP

    ttt Bump......
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    FS refurbished IDparts 2" DP

    I am selling my ID Parts 2" catless downpipe with stock exit for MK4 jetta TDI ALH. It has the updated interlock flex section and just got it back from idparts from being updated with the new flex section. Like new asking 250.00 obo. pm me
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    stick with G52 in your tranny - here's why... I have heard...
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    stick with G52 in your tranny - here's why...

    I think I just got two of the last bottles in the country for the G052726A2 today, with only one other dealer in NY that won't ship their last two bottles because they are not hazmat certified and one in California that has a opened 5 gallon bulk used for the shop. They all only carry the G060...
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    VW dealers in DC area?

    You can try King Vw in Gaithersburg, ask for Jeremy to work on her car, or like I said ,if using ourisman in DC area, ask for only Jeff to work on her car and she wants, she can ask to speak with him. If you want minor stuff then use Bethesda import specialists, a independent shop next to...
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    VW dealers in DC area?

    Of course, it wouldn't be a car forum if not lol