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    Fuel injection pump plug seal?

    It's been a long time since I did it but I don't remember loosing a lot of fuel. I think I just had a rag below to intercept any spilling fuel. Still holding without leaking. Dan
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    FAQ pictures?

    With a little more searching I figured it out. In the forum pages, the he FAQ Forum links to information that has it's pictures missing. Using the TDIFAQ button at the very top of any page leads to a different FAQ with all the info included. Dan
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    FAQ pictures?

    Hi, It's been 6 years since I last changed my A4 timing belt so I am looking to be refreshed on the procedure before I tear into it again. I went to the A4 timing belt FAQ and find the pictures not available, unless my old computer needs some newer software to find them. Anybody got any...
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    Timing Belt Change Hell

    Hi, Been a long time since I've been around, and I'm coming in without reading this whole thread real careful, but the mention of rust colored dust rings a bell. Mine had that dust for 40k or so miles before the water pump impeller slipped on the shaft. I think what the rust colored dust I...
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    new beetle TDI into old beetle? . If it can be mated to an aircooled transaxle they have a kit for it. I've built 3 aluminum Buick powered bugs with their stuff and they are A-1 to deal with. Dan
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    Fuel injection pump plug seal?

    Update. In case someone in the future gets here searching for help, here's the rest of the story. I called and talked to Jim. He said the size of the three sided plug is 24mm, but 15/16" is a tighter fit. He also said the seal is an "O" ring, and removing the plug won't disturb...
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    Fuel injection pump plug seal?

    I've spent hours and found several diagrams but none that show enough detail. Just to be clear, it's the larger one, one inch plus in diameter, that's leaking. Is it OK to remove that one without disturbing internals? Once out, I can tell what kind of seal I need. Thanks for your help, Dan
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    Fuel injection pump plug seal?

    Thanks, I plan to get the kit, but I need the leak fixed right now and it looks like an "O" ring bought locally would do it. I'll be retiming the pump in 5000 miles anyway when I do the timing belt change, so I'll probably do the shaft seal too. All the diagrams I've found on the internet do...
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    Fuel injection pump plug seal?

    Hi, There's a plug on the drivers end of my '99 ALH tdi injector pump that just started leaking. It's a little over an inch in diameter and needs a three sided socket for removal. Has a smaller hex bolt in it's center. I need to know if removing it will disturb anything, and I need to know...
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    Soliciting comments on oil sample test results

    Yes it is 10k miles on the sample. Plan to keep it till 200k or so and just wanted some other opinions on the outlook for success. Thanks for the responses, Dan
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    Soliciting comments on oil sample test results

    Hi, I would like opinion on the condition of my motor based on the result of it's 120K mile oil sample test which can be viewed here. . The car is a '99 GLS Golf A4 automatic which has been run on Chevron Delo 400 Synthtic at 10K change intervals...
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    MAF wireharness thingy

    Hi, This might be it. Dan
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    WTB: Plastic skid plate....

    Hi, My local Firestone store tore mine loose backing my car off their alignment rack and had to buy me a brand new one. I decided to fix my old one and use the money from selling the new one to have the alignment set right and have the grease spots removed from the seat. I don't know how...
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    Thirsty rodent eating the fuel line......

    Hi, Put some poison under there every night, to kill it, before it eats into your wiring harness and costs you lots of money. Dan
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    Mechanical Setup for Max Fuel Economy?

    Hi, Here's some food for thought. I picked up 2 MPG after changing the stock '99 Golf GLS springs and shocks for a used '00 GTI set. I didn't have the spacers for the front springs so it sets a little lower in front and that might contribute some milage improvement aerodynamically, but I...
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    Experience with Michelin X one?

    Hi, I have 55,000 on P205/60-15's fitted to my '99 Golf and they will easily make 100,000. No cupping, noise, bad habits. Dan
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    Cleaning head inlets with manifold off???

    Steve Addy, I did mine during the 40k timing belt change when I had the valve cover off and could keep track of valve position. If the cam lobe is up and away from the cam follower, the valve is closed. Making sure to work on a passage that had it's valve closed, I used aerosol brake cleaner...
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    Multiple fried MAFs? check this

    BGUERIN, Boost is sampled through a fitting tapped directly into the intake manifold. The boost needle swings to the negative side of zero as soon as the key is turned off and comes back to zero as the engine rotation stops. It dwells at the negative equivelent of 15 lbs. boost level for just...
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    Multiple fried MAFs? check this

    Mailman, For what it's worth, my boost guage swings into high vacuum territory when I turn the key off. Not being calibrated in vacuum measurement I can only say that the needle moves about the same distance from zero as when it is registering 15 lbs. boost the other way. This is only...
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    Kudo's to Westach

    Kudo\'s to Westach Hi. Just had to put a plug in for Westach, a company that went a little extra in the customer service department. My boost guage needle came loose on it's shaft and they it fixed on warrentee in a few days turnaround. They also replaced the face that I had scratched and...