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  1. mjydrafter

    2004 Jetta, should I be able to replace EGR cooler?

    I wasn't paying attention to your location, you have emission testing in CO, don't you? That might be a problem. (hopefully someone with direct experience can chime in). I think (if you keep it) it will give you a little faster heating in the winter, emission control, and I don't think it...
  2. mjydrafter

    2004 Jetta, should I be able to replace EGR cooler?

    I re-installed one on my car originally (during a turbo replacement). And then removed it completely later. It's not the most fun (either way - remove or install). Lots of sharp tinny parts, and the bracket Oilhammer mentions. I think I put one on it early and had to fabricate a tool or two...
  3. mjydrafter

    BEW Oil leaking out of nowhere, massive leak everything spilled out

    Why on earth would Shell care one bit about some silly VW car spec? VW owners aren't their target audience. (They are targeting OTR trucks with 20 gallon sumps, guys that buy drums, not little store bottles). I believe getting the VW Cert would cost them money, and that wouldn't be a good...
  4. mjydrafter

    Mk4 door hinge

    The doors come off really easily. No pounding or pulling required. Just undo the electrical harness. IIRC it's just a 10mm bolt and the hinges lift off. I think it's under a little plastic cap.
  5. mjydrafter

    Am I in trouble? Oil level no longer going down

    If you are worried, pop the VC, run the lift pump with a power supply and have a look at the injectors. The other common "fuel in oil" spot for the BEW is the tandem pump.
  6. mjydrafter

    Different Oil Filter Conversion for the ALH?

    My favorite experience was just like you say, save an old heavy duty bag. (Lesson: make dagnabit sure that there aren't any holes in it). I get green coffee beans in nice HD ziplocks, so I have a bunch and use them for storing all kinds of car/tractor parts. But the coffee seller punches...
  7. mjydrafter

    Different Oil Filter Conversion for the ALH?

    This post is worthless without a link/pic.;) Never heard of one, I want to see it, and perhaps purchase one. (we still have the car). Do you remember the brand or anything? :)
  8. mjydrafter

    Different Oil Filter Conversion for the ALH?

    The wife's car is a B5.5 1.8T Passat, I defy you to find a worse filter to change (See also @oilhammer 's post above). It's a spin on. Great candidate for a remote filter setup, but you would have to run it back to the cargo area for any room. :mad: I cuss and spill oil every time on that...
  9. mjydrafter

    Ran over dead deer this am

    Just so you don't worry about the oil pan, my son's '03 left this trail for about 5 blocks home. Then dumped a big puddle on my concrete... :mad: This was with a Panzer plate. (although the car was stupidly lowered). He's back to stock height (2 oil pans later). :) I don't think the oil...
  10. mjydrafter

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Checked my oil Sunday for kicks, it was about an inch over full (Car usually uses a bit). Smells like diesel. :mad: New Tandem pump on the way. :mad: Since I had that and the airbox out of the way... I noticed the inside CV boot was broken into 3 pieces (one missing). And when I removed...
  11. mjydrafter

    Passenger side seat heat not working

    Mine was the switch. I had a few extras from my wife's Passat (same connector, and can be used to test, but won't fit right in the dash. The Passat has more vertical switches). The Passat however, was not the switch... :mad:
  12. mjydrafter

    2004 Jetta TDI P0733 250K miles

    I don't know how handy you are, but I did this on one of my son's cars, and it really wasn't too bad. I don't recall even needing anything too special tool-wise. This kit and some fluid worked on ours. Ours had a sticky reverse when cold, super annoying, you had to watch how you parked.
  13. mjydrafter

    Replacing the coolant temp sensor

    I wonder if running the car up on one ramp would tip it enough to keep the coolant in. Of course it'll make reaching it more fun. (stepladder). You could also have a cork or rubber stopper handy. The last time I messed with mine, more coolant came out than I would have thought.
  14. mjydrafter

    Replacing the coolant temp sensor

    The sensor is round, you can put it in whatever orientation works best. (I would put it in with the lock tab pointing up or towards you from the drivers side).
  15. mjydrafter

    Replacing the coolant temp sensor

    I have used a couple of really small jewelers screwdrivers to de pin a few the connectors, but it's kind of vodoo poke wiggle and cuss routine. If you can find the tool I bet it's easier.
  16. mjydrafter

    Replacing the coolant temp sensor

    Besides the great advice to push the whole connector "in" first, to loosen the locking tab. If you can clean them a bit they will come apart much easier. So, push the connectors together, apply pressure to the lock/tab, and then wiggle them apart. It seems weird at first, but once you've...
  17. mjydrafter

    Airbag light

    Found the source of my moisture under the carpet. My sunroof drain had come disconnected from the door jamb nipple. Kind of a PITA to get back, since I don't have tiny little monkey hands. (Used the trimmer string trick from a YT vid). I did clean the end of the hose and cleaned up the...
  18. mjydrafter

    What size is a torx30 screw in mm?

    All of them are fairly well hidden. I would put the cover back on and put a sheet metal screw next to each of the broken screws and motor on. If you want to be fancy add a big fender washer.
  19. mjydrafter

    What size is a torx30 screw in mm?

    How many of them are bad? If one or 2, I would leave them and motor on. I'm missing one up by the grill and the 2 lower ones have been sketchy for a while, but they are more like an American plastic trim clip. But, if you want them all to be good, your only option is a whole new radiator...
  20. mjydrafter

    BEW Electrical gremlins

    You won't like it, but the headlights, the problem is inside the switch. Just needs cleaned, but getting to it is fun. Reverse lights: broken wire or switch on the shift tower. Interior lights & alarm: is probably your door latch/switch. (this is the worst one, done correctly, but find the...