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    Anyone want a TDI Jeep?

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">I was thinking a Land Rover 200 or 300 would make more sense. That HS looks nice but the price is ludicrous. Pick up a used 200 or 300 for a fraction of that - both can be good for 135 bhp with a few mods. The 200 is very mechanical and...
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    Sad indeed. Condolences to friends and family.
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    VWs easy to break into - BBC report

    this is the only decent defence car alarms are a joke - everyone ignores them. The other option would be for some kind of gassing - that stuff the russians used in Moscow recently would work pretty well.
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    Looks like it's war in the UK......!!!

    Re: Looks like it\'s war in the UK......!!! lowering the national limits will just cause more accidents as people won't concentrate, will drink coffee etc. I am all for lower limits in villages, in towns etc but on open country roads, forget it. Sometimes 90 is safe and 20 is not. daft.
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    oil for Polo 1.9 DI (non-turbo)

    I know Millers would be best CC, I just wondered what officially, ie what VW says - I thought all DI diesels needed sythetic or semi-synth. By the way she says occasionally when she starts it, it goes bang.....what could that be? Keith
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    oil for Polo 1.9 DI (non-turbo)

    My aunt is asking me what oil should go in her Polo. She says her garage is going to put Castrol Multigrade and me thinks - no way. Shouldnt it have a semi or fully synthetic?
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    Top Ten Selling HSDI Diesels In Great Britain in 2002

    Noticing the Xsara above, SP, the mini people carrier version, the Picasso, is a fantastic vehicle - very compact, tons of interior room, imaginative styling in and out and dirt cheap (relatively). Probably meet 90% of people's needs.
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    US TDI in Europe

    I presume american VWs (as opposed to Canadian which do have both) have kilometres and miles on the speedo? Miles only would be illegal for sure.
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    Diesels vs. Gas -- What's the real deal???

    Re: Diesels vs. Gas -- What\'s the real deal??? <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">That's because they only clean their teeth about once every 3 weeks......! -Richard[/b]</font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Or anything else going by...
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    Upsolute in Middle England!

    Sheffield - middle England? It is North, like Yorkshire, as in eee by gum, reet champion, by 'eck.
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    1999 (110) tdi problem please help

    YOu sure it is not a characteristic of the vehicle - I have a 110 and it does pull really well at low revs, but, especially if you are used to a petrol this pull does not go on much past 3500 rev, it does accelerate but not with the same gusto. And peak power is at what - 4000 revs - just cos...
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    Upsolute in Middle England!

    Let us know when and where - Middle Englander
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    Mini Cooper mania -- should VW bring out the Polo or Lupo?

    Much more room in the back (and front) of a MINI than in an Audi TwinTub, just as quick a to b, and way cheaper...... I bet the MINI will out handle the Audi too.
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    Mini Cooper mania -- should VW bring out the Polo or Lupo?

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">but there is difference between the Mini and its retro rivals the PT Cruiser and the NB. Simply that the NB and PT put style before all else and sacrificed practicality and efficiency in the process. Neither sell well in Europe. The Mini...
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    Average MPG

    It is the cold and the relatively high urban %age. My TDI which has a trip/mileage computer shows that even in the relatively mild UK climate the first mile or so has the car averaging under 30 mpg. This month has been incredibly cold in Alberta and your engine is going to take a long time to...
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    Seat, Skoda, Audi, etc...

    Just in case it is not clear - Bentley is owned by VW and Rolls by BMW. Exciting things are happening at Bentley, my brother has just again been to the factory in Crewe but the ba5tard won't let on what he saw. But more affordable, smaller Bentleys are in the pipeline, a mouth watering prospect.
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    pedal location on UK TDIs compared to US

    assuming this is a serious question....the layout is the same - throttle on the right, brake in the middle etc. just about half the world by population drives the UK side by the way - Japan, India, Indonesia, Australia, much of Africa, Pakistan, Malaysia, the list goes on. I have cars with...
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    1st Tank MPG

    Got my 110bhp Golf this week - the computer says I am averaging about 52 on my 10 mile twisty back country route to work. The car came with 20 litres and havent need to put any fuel in it yet. On a very light throttle you can get the instant read out to say 128 mpg or even more, on a slight...
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    Beetle TDI (PD100)

    The beetle makes no sense in Europe - most people or a sizeable percentage have just one car and it most do a multitude of jobs. The Beetle is simply not practical enough. The Golf is cheaper has more space etc etc. On the other hand in the US/Canada people have more cars, and space to put...
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    Bentley TDI engine manual

    And there I was thinking Bentley was coming out with a manual transmission diesel engined Arnage or something. Well, they are part of VW group arent they?