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    New VW diesel engine

    If you just had children it is expected that the planet will run out of oil during their lifetime. The environment will be fine.
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    Road trip distance?

    2 hrs 45 min in one direction is a road trip. Clearly the backroads are not as fast as the interstate so it goes by time in my world. If that is not a road trip what do you call it?
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    Subject: Where was Your Favorite Road Trip?

    Heading to Northern Maine on the NE old routes.
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    How Many Miles Can a Car Last - article

    Does not account for what it took for those cars to get to that mileage. The world is full of Honda Civics that have zero dollars in maintenance that make it to 200k miles and croak. Not a single VW on the list either?
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    2023 TDIfest/GTG discussion thread

    I might be in depending on if it is during the winter and where. Springtime is probably better IMHO.
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    MKIII TDI 1Z 1994

    I think those new rims look pretty solid on there as a nice touch.
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    Help! Hurricane Ian flooded my ‘15TDI!!

    The mechanics and even electronics might be ok at that level but you really don't think there is any saltwater and its only freshwater? It's probably worth a few thousand bucks to you knowing where it has been. The utility value is there for getting around.