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    2012 Passat road noise

    Huh. Put that $500 towards fuel savings and then see what other cars you could have had. Btw, they dropped the gas hood strut. So tire savings is definitely up for consideration. Its a teutonic camry folks!
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    tdi vs. Gasser resale

    $7k gets you 140k miles on a 1.8. my point is, "so what if the tdi is more? look at the resale." a 200k mile gasser isnt going to sell for $7k. it will be $2-3k less. The per mile savings is fixed to fuel prices, while the miles driven will determine the speed of the payoff. I was...
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    tdi vs. Gasser resale

    What do you think about the mileage to pay off comparisons? For example, recent articles cite a 60k mile pay off term of a tdi SE vs. the gas version. but, take a look at comparative selling prices for 2005 passats with similar miles. The diesels have higher resale. And likely more demand.
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    i think it's lame that there's no ski pass thru with the manual transmission. are they worried that we'll hit our elbow on the ski tips while shifting?
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    how many car seats fit?!!

    I just test drove a flex ecoboost. Absolutely an awesome vehicle. But at over 500 miles driving per week I am already having cold sweats over the fuel bills. So i swung by babies r us to look for narrow car seats. They told me that 3 merrill car seats will fit in across the back of a saturn...
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    GTI dilemma!

    what diesel wagons are available with an auto? probably only the jsw.
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    GTI dilemma!

    I have a 2007 4 door GTI dsg that i love. i average 25mpg when i beat on it and get 28-30 if i stick to a constant 65-80mph. previous car was a 2006 330i with zhp performance package. the is a formidable match given the price disparity. having said that, i'm sick of the rough ride, hard...
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    What changes are expected for 2011 Jetta TDI Wagon?

    multifunction steering wheel? is this available in a tdi wagon? the current vw site conveniently blocks the view with the driver's hands in the gallery photos. i'm looking to part with my gti for a tdi jsw. and the wheel may be a deal breaker.
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    is a TDI right for me?

    I'm intrigued by the thought of having a TDI because i drive 25-30k miles per year. and that results in a savings of around $20 a week. but what appeals to me most of all is the apparent resale value. i get bored with cars fairly quickly. also, is the '09 worth the extra $10k that i would...
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    MN Chat Thread

    my friend used them for his '67 Shelby GT500. they and the brake lines are the only non-original items on the car. and he's very happy. not exactly the same kind of car, but they do good work.
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    MN Chat Thread

    i have a few questions throughout this. I'm looking at 06 Jettas and consdering the 09 version. is the power of the 09 CRD motor much better? i drove an 06 tdi jetta today and wasnt as impressed as i thought i would be. i drove my friends a couple years ago and it seemed more responsive...
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    MN Chat Thread

    who's black golf tdi did i see in minneapolis? i saw a sweet black 4dr golf tdi that said GO TDI on the rear emblem. it was in front of leaning tower of pizza. had some mods. who's ride is it?
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    4 door Golf TDI in Minneapolis? Who's is it?

    I saw a black 4 door golf tdi parked in front of leaning tower of pizza today. it looked heavily modded. lowered, black rims, some sort of cooler behind the front fascia. it also had emblems that said GO TDI on the rear. who's is it and what are the mods?