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    Fix done. Money in the bank. Sell it?

    Actually I am selling it to a relative who is already driving it.
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    Fix done. Money in the bank. Sell it?

    My 2015 fix is done. If I sell it, will the buyer be able to collect the money on the final fix? Or will I get it? Or no one? Thanks.
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    When do single stage fix car owners get paid?

    Think a few have now gotten fix money.
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    How long after buyback closing is a bank loan paid off?

    Buyback on 1/5 Check to VW Credit on 1/18. I had paid an extra payment. Now waiting on refund from vw credit.
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    Swapping Wheels

    Turned mine in with old tires and rims plus I put some old tires I had lying around in the trunk!!
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    CT. Turned in my 2015 TDI Passat with 5th hand wheels and tires. Hoping I wouldn't have a blowout on the way. No problem. EFT was what VW had figured. I made an extra payment to VW credit to prevent any problems. Now I have to get that. Got the receipt for EFT before I left the dealer.
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    Just my check!!

    Yup. Some bean counter at VW has decided that if they wait until the last minute to cut the check, they gain the interest on their deposits for a day or two. They never learn.
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    Buyback Horror Story - Maryland (Audi of Annapolis and Fitzgerald VW)

    Hey! Cut the guy some slack. VW put an incompetent person in as specialist.
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    Buy Back Spreadsheet - Track our buyback status

    You have to have the QR code visible at the bottom
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    What's faster than a speeding bullet?

    Members leaving this forum after getting their money!! LOL
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    Any buybacks completed in CT?

    Got my offer today and returned it. Amount was correct. Wonder when the appointment email will come. I want to delay it until after Dec 25. Update: Got the appointment. Jan 5 at Old Saybrook One day turnaround after uploading offer sheet. Amount is correct.
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    Hyundai showing TDI owners a little love

    Got a Hyundai Genesis and a Hyundai Sonata, each loaded, to replace both my TDI's. Hyundai is making great cars now.
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    Offer Letter Just Received

    2015 TDI. Final upload 11/27. Got the offer today. Amount was correct. Notarized and returned today. VW Credit. They gave me a figure based on a 10 day payoff until 12/23.
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    Got the money, haven't turn in the car yet

    Take your phone off the hook and give them a busy signal. Payback.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Must feel good to be out of the game. No fun with these vehicles.
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    Opinions needed: fix or buyback Jetta 2014

    Your car will start to have big money failures soon. Do the buyback and get a new car
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    VW Care Credit?

    I got the prepaid extended warranty and cancelled it. They credited my account with VW and lowered the amount owed by the refund amount.
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    TDI Claims Portal

    I am also in CT. Was your car financed with VW or paid for? Thanks.
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    VW Claims goofed up, how should I proceed

    Thanks for the punctuation: Grammar Police. LOL