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    How I deal with loose nipples...vacuum pump repair

    Great idea on the ziplock bag trick!
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    Ontario Canada gives $8500 Grants for Hybrids

    Yeah, have to encourage more people to use our overpriced electricity....
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    Needed ASAP - Air filter housing

    Might want to extend the mudflap then, seems to be caused by spray from the front tire. I doubt a folgers can is big enough. The metal pails that brake cleaner comes in might work though? Wouldn't want to weld on that though (mustard gas!!).
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    Exhaust smell in cabin 01 Jetta

    Seems there have been a rash of these lately. Just fixed mine a few weeks ago, was broken right at the flex joint and the cat had already been patched that subsequently swiss cheesed again.
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    Needed ASAP - Air filter housing

    Cost of doing business I'm afraid, I'd go for the used one and hit it with a quality paint and keep an eye on it. I was not implying anything negative towards your temporary fix, I had "permanenent" solution in mind when I mentioned it. Had to do something similar on a Hino, fortunately it was...
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    Needed ASAP - Air filter housing

    Whats the brand new OEM filterbox go for? Probably cheaper than hacking something to fit and I'm not a fan of modifying anything like that on commercial vehicles, whole new ball of wax when it comes to emissions control liability.
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    Installing a Used Vnt15 what is needed??

    I made one based on info in post #4 in this thread:
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    Almost couldn't stop

    Vacuum leak. Check your vacuum lines especially the hard line going from the vacuum pump to booster and the T that feeds the control solenoids.
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    Are 1.8T brakes a worthwhile upgrade?

    Did it to my wagon as I needed all new calipers and local parts cars had good condition used brake parts for reasonable prices. Added bonus is the bearings had 1/3 the mileage :)
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    Exhaust smell in car when cold

    Aren't you the guy that gave away used glow plugs? Did someone get them? TDI owners are frugal lol. As for the flex pipe, went to National today on my lunch break, thanks for the recommendation it's a great spot. I work at 401/Hurontario so it's just a quick jump up the 410. I've done more to...
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    Exhaust smell in car when cold

    Thanks just what I was looking for. Was at crappy tire over the weekend they wanted double that and it wasn't in stock. 2" seems like it works perfect for you, I was under the impression that 2.25" was needed and have had trouble finding it locally.
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    Exhaust smell in car when cold

    How much did the flex pipe cost you? I need to replace mine asap it's leaking horribly.
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    My Beetle TDI + CNG = Wicked Fast Road Racer

    Raced against you at LRP back in August '15. Pretty quick little bug, definitely had some legs on the straights.
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    vcds on tablet question

    Wonder what the cost will be on the mobile item.
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I filled up on Tuesday and the cashier inside said the diesel guys are the only people he sees all day with a smile on their face. I'm always happy when my trip gauge nudges over 900km (ALH Auto in traffic) between fills.
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    What-will-they-think-of-next dept.: VW developing 10-speed (!) DSG, high-output TDI

    They pull a lot more than that, especially up here in Canada. 86,900 for a Tandem-Tandem setup, another 20,000 with a proper Tridem spread, and once you start adding lift axles you stop at just short of 200,000 pulling an 8 legger with triple drive tractor. It's the torque and the durability...
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    OBD Test to Replace Tail Pipe Emissions test in Ontario, Jan. 2013

    Update on my story: Purchased a used functioning EGR valve, cleaned it out (was way way dirtier than the one on my car, my intake is also pretty clean just 3-5mm thickness of crud. Will still get cleaned/replaced eventually but for now it's not a burning fire. Passed the etest finally. The guys...
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    Mississauga, Ontario to Florida

    They have IFTA (internation fuel tax association IIRC) that reconciles fuel tax to jurisdictions based upon distanced traveled per state/province. Must be something else, or maybe just in addition to the IFTA.
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    Any plans for a Malone Tuning Group Buy anytime soon?

    Maybe I missed it, but what's the timeline on this? I am going to be in Europe from the end of April - Mid June so if it falls in that window I will have to bow out of the group buy. Was planning on doing nozzles first anyway, tune isn't a wear item.
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    when was v-power diesel 6 cents more that regular??

    Is it worth it? I have been using v-power gas excursively in my M3 due to the no ethanol, I wonder if there are any tangible gains with the V-power diesel. For now I'm using the regular shell diesel, and I will try the v-power in a few months and see if there is any difference once I've got a...