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    Changing Brake Fluid

    I bought a brake bleed tool from Autotech last week for $19.95 You just hook it up to the bleed nipple, loosen the bleed nipple and pump the brakes. The tool allows the brake fluid to run out but does not allow air or fluid to run back in. “A must...
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    TDi Superchips

    Nad, I am by no means an expert or even close to an expert in this area (there are many experts on this site that I am sure will provide you with more details to your questions), but I can share with you my experiences in chipping my 97 Jetta. I chipped my Jetta a couple of months ago with...
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    Thermonuclear CorrosionX is a very good anti-corrosion product, I have used it on aircraft in the past, it displaces water very well. The aviation industry regards this product as top-notch. You peeked my interest with your post and I called the Canadian distributor today and spent some time...
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    I am now Totally Upsoluted (chip/TB)

    Congratulations. Nice looking ride!
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    Who has a Vag-com, scan tool, and where?

    Is there anyone near the Ottawa area? I desperately want to adjust my timing.
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    Who has a Vag-com, scan tool, and where?

    Is there anyone near the Ottawa area? I desperately want to adjust my timing.
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    Upsolute TB Experience

    ittrad Yes I’m in for a mini Ottawa GTG. I’d like to see your ride maybe we can meet for lunch some time? I'll mail you. Ice Man
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    Upsolute TB Experience

    I here you Valois, I’m ready for a TDI ice rally , how about it?? LOL We could do this on the Ottawa river in January with quarter mile runs on the ice. LOL Do you think you southern folks could handle the –30 deg. weather???
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    Upsolute TB Experience

    If I install the rotors and stainless lines this weekend I will try and document the process with pics. and post my experience with the install. Skypup, I’ll be giving the amsoil cetane a try.
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    Upsolute TB Experience

    Thanks Sky Pup, I’ll try to get some pics up at some point. The diesel situation!!!!!! When I first bought the TDI in the summer of 97 the price of diesel remained constant for nearly 2 years. Then all of a sudden in the past year or so the price has increased by 40%, lately it’s up around...
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    Upsolute TB Experience

    I haven’t posted much on this site, I am more of a “lurker” who is learning an incredible amount about my TDI and about performance mods. from experts like Valois, Sky Pup, Howard, Mickey, Go faster, Colucci, Ric, Turbo Steve, Peter, Garrett and there are others. Thank you for all of this...
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    I’m considering putting 16” rims on my 97 A3 and my local tire shop told me I must use a 45 profile tire for it to clean the fenders, is this true or can I use a 50 profile tire? What about tire width, I am thinking about 205’s should I go wider? What is the widest tire that would fit my...
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    upsoluted in Quebec

    Garrett/Valois, my good men, the upgrade is AWESOME. I've have been driving my A3 all afternoon, what a blast, it's like I have a new car. I can't wait to hit the streets tomorrow, it's a blast driving my new car. I upsolutely love this upgrade. I'm very impressed with the dramatic...