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    Hard start at 29deg F

    I have had a starting issue occur three times in the past year. The same thing happened each time. Vehicle tries to start or starts and then immediately dies on the first try. All subsequent attempts to start result in cranking but no turnover and the "glow plug" warning light illuminates or...
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    California TDI Owners List

    1. dlai, 2005 Passat, South San Francisco 2. Peter Pyce, 2002 Jetta, Mountain View 3. Peter Cheuk, 1998 Jetta, Daly City 4. bogstomper, 1998 Jetta, San Francisco 5. Norman, 2000 Golf, San Jose 6. First D, 2002 Jetta, Anaheim 7. eetsoot, 2002 Jetta, Oxnard 8. Hesh, 2000 Golf, La Honda 9. NewTDI...
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    2013 Beetle TDI Convertible

    This is my first TDI and I am loving it! Kudos to VW for finally dropping this engine into the Beetle Convertible making it the ONLY diesel powered convertible available in the United States! I have been doing some light cosmetic mods and will post more pics when I am done. I have tinted the...