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    California Buyback and Notary process

    Just got my offer on the car, and now I just have to sign the documents in front of a notary and upload them. I remember reading that for CA there was supposed to be another paper that I am supposed to upload, do any of you that have already completed the process and got your appointment dates...
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    Anyone negotiate off MSRP with Subaru?

    before i decided on a certified pre-owned bmw I was contemplating getting an Outback earlier this month and was able to negotiate a couple dealers to 2% below invoice on a 2017 outback premium w/eyesight. was around 28,200 before taxes. So yes it is doable, you just need to do your homework and...
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    Did anyone get their DL approved with a different address?

    My DL is not expired, it just has an old address on in. Did anyone get approved or denied for having an old address on their license?
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    VCDS Hex-Net For Sale

    Yes this hooks up to the USB port. I can get you some pics within the hour.
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    TDI Replacement Vehicle

    for the price most of the members here paid for a 2015 Golf TDI SE or SEL you could get a certified pre-owned 328d. If you don't mind buying used.
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    VCDS Hex-Net For Sale

    Bought March 2015, used a handful of times for dsg change, fuel filter change, tweaks, adblue monitoring and diagnostics. Excellent tool to have as most of you all may know, but I will no longer need it. I paid $400.00 but am flexible and am willing to entertain offers at $300 or more !! Please...
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    DSG Fluid Change 2015 UDS

    I am due for a 40k service soon and was going to try and change the fluid myself, when I went to see if I could view the transmission fluid temps, the measuring values (Block 8) was greyed out. Does anyone know of another way to check the dsg fluid temperature in the newer MQB vehicles?
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    "Service Car Now. Put in Park" Message while driving

    drove it for about a month until i started getting closer to the end of my bumper to bumper warranty.
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    40k service due soon. But plan on selling car back

    I think I will just do the dsg service. I love the car, no other car can I fill the fuel up to the brim and get 500+ miles a tank effortlessly. And diesel is about .30 cents cheaper in CA than regular unleaded. I hope they get the "fix" soon so that way we can get our money.
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    "Service Car Now. Put in Park" Message while driving

    Take it to vw. They are gonna have to change the shifter. It happened to me it doesn't stop but would happen every few days. It will be covered under warranty, takes about 5 days for them to test drive it, order the part, then replace it. So try to get a courtesy vehicle.
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    40k service due soon. But plan on selling car back

    I'm about to hit 40k next month. Need some advice, never owned a dsg, will it be fine if I don't perform the service and drive it out to about 44 or 45k which is the projected mileage of when I plan on selling the car back? What would you do?
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    Possibly leaking oil

    It was a slow leak that I thought was just regular consumption. The oil level hasn't changed since changing the oil.
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    Can someone with VCDS and 15 golf post something for me??!

    Both! I was looking for someone with default factory settings but I don't mind seeing how to disable the reminder I change in 10000 mile increments anyways
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    Can someone with VCDS and 15 golf post something for me??!

    I'm trying to figure out why no matter what I do I get an oil change reminder, so I am going to try and copy someone's settings!!! Please and thank you. Please post up an Adaptation Channel Map from your cluster. [Applications] [Controller Channel Map] ...Controller Address = 17 ...Login or...
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    Possibly leaking oil

    I removed that plastic cover last night and it was drenched in oil. I'm thinking it is because of reusing the old washer and having a slow leak, it currently isn't dripping any oil from the drain plug and I don't see any indicators of a leak anywhere else. I'm letting the plastic cover with the...
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    Oil change reminder 9900 miles how to get rid of the warning?

    I did the esi reset and 2 fixes'on VCDS. And it went away up until 9900 miles. I'm not trying to see this countdown for the next 6 months can anyone help me get rid of it.
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    Possibly leaking oil

    So when I changed my oil at 30k I noticed oil and the bottom of the drain pain and plastic shield. There wasn't much consumption, maybe about .5 liter over the 10k miles but I did reuse the washer and plug from before so I thought that might have been the cause of the leak. Well to be sure I got...
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    Air filter replacement? How often

    I just looked at the service schedule and it says every 60k miles??? When should I really change the air filter? Its kind of hard to tell how dirty it is because the pre filter is glued on.