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    2005 BEW TDI Jetta Wagon 125K part out

    Got Any Pics Of The Cover ? Thanks -Chris
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    2003 Wagon ALH Parts

    Mind Shooting Me Some Pics ?? Thanks -Chris
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    Dieselgeek bypass Oil Filter, 2 Micron filter, some other filter

    of course after i made a 2micron setup someone would post one for sale .... lol
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    rocketeer928 - My 2003 VW Jetta TDI

    Yeaaaaaaaah. Depending on if its surface rust or cancer may be time to sand blast and recoat or replace with some news
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    03 ALH Jetta with no fuel in clear line from filter to IP

    Ouch ... im guessing since u didn't mention it u haven't seen or noticed any leaks from the IP... mine was leaking and I could smell diesel in the cabin while driving .... if u do decide to tear into the IP to do the seals KNOW what ur doing and have a vagcom ready for adjusting the value back
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    2001 Jetta Crayon Odor

    Owell Air Causes Cancer SOOOOO Doesn't Really Matter What The Crayon Smell Does To You
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    Serious IP Issues

    Sorry Bout Your Bad Luck Brah , But Seriously Ill Never Understand Protecting Shady Vendors ... If They Do Stuff Like This Call Them Out Publically So People Learn From Ur Mistake And They Don't Get More Victims ....
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    VNT17 turbo FS

    Bump ... Interested In The Turbo And The Above Answer
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    Alh injectors

    BUUUUUUMP A Good Buy For Sending Out To Be Serviced And Nozzle Upgrade Like I Did
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    Fixed . Thanks for all the help guys. ALL of the sensors checked out correctly and had no leaks. Narrowed it down to either not getting enough fuel or the auto ecu being a d1ck . It was the injectors. Bought a set of Bosio 1019's and had DBW install them on my spare injectors and flow test...
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    Havent checked that. The only vacuum pulling ive done sofar on the fuel system was when i did my fuel filter and then again when i did my IP cover seal when it was leaking. Also havent touched the vacuum pump
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    I believe its block 15 id have to look again tonight . itll show u how much is being requested , throttle position and the iq
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    yeah I know how to hammer mod and adjust it via vagcom
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    didn't a lot of time to mess with it last night , but did tweak the IQ for more fuel didn't help . im gonna have to datalog some things when I get a chance ..
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    I know thats why after beating my head into the wall trying to think this thing out logical ive come to ask here since u guys have alot more tdi knowledge than i do. But like i said the following parts are new: 6 speed manual trans swap Maf n75 and map All vacuum lines Intake manifold and...
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    I Know For A Fact The Actuator Cycles The Lever (I Believe Its Channel 11 Forgot What Section Its Under) But Itll Cycle About Every 1-2 Mins Or So , I Got Under The Car And Watched It . The Numbers On My Boost Gauge Go Up Nice And Smooth And Usually Like I Said It Hits Around 10ish PSI ... And...
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    Forgot to mention that Intake manifold is brand new. Darkside diesel aluminum intake mani , also the EGR is deleted by the previous owner. The Only CEL I get is for the deleted EGR
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    Soo Need ALH Help

    Sooooo I Picked Up A 2002 ALH Golf Automatic A Few Months Ago , It Behaved Fine For A Few Weeks And The Auto Started Failing (142k Miles) And Been Fighting Limp Mode Of Some Sort Ever Since .... Stock Tune With The ECU Vagcom'd To Manual Trans , Swapped Out The Auto For A Euro 6 Speed...
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    Gauge wiring.

    I left my bently at work or i could look and find u the diagrams ... i can look n the morning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk