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    Delete + Tune/Remain Stock?

    The warranty is very good. But if the dealer or you needs to call VW to get authorization then there will be a problem Houston. What initially says at dealer is not covered, wont be covered when they are told to call VW. This has been my experience. The warranty can be very good, but choose a...
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    Hesitations on 2015 tdi

    Do you run city or stop and go traffic? I have had that and even going into limp mode too, I run the TDI very hard at high RPMs. In my experience, you get soot in a line and it causes that hesitation. In my situation, this was the beginning of me needing a DPF, with no CEL light on, no codes...
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    Replaced Battery, Now Lots of Electrical Issues

    I have had this problem with my 04 VW Touareg. In that case, and it may be different, but I had a not the most reputable local VW dealer do the battery, and they didnt know where it was, so they had 2 people working on it. Well it seems it was flickering on and off because they didnt connect it...
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    Mk6 Jetta shuddering at idle.

    Mine started in that fashion with a subtle vibration if thats what your referring to. But my Check Engine Light has always been on. It has now become constant when foot is on brake as well. I now also have a tunnel sound. I took it to dealer, they said the rough idle is because it needs a DPF...
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    2013 VW Jetta TDI with vibration/shimmy when at idle, from a complete stop, putting car into Drive or Reverse

    I have a 2013 Jetta TDI with 227K miles. I got it at 180K. At that time, the motor was malfunctioning(cant remember what) and I was told by German Auto Repair, it needed an a/c compressor at bare minimum. I completed that work at 18k. Over the next year, the CEL came on, I took it to several...