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    Mazda cash for TDI owners

    It is titled Mazda Customer Bonus Cash
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    Mazda cash for TDI owners

    It is on their website. go to and scroll down to special offers. 2016/2016.5/2017 $750 MAZDA CUSTOMER BONUS CASH! $750 Customer Bonus Cash is available for any 2016, 2016.5 or 2017 Mazda vehicle (excluding Mazda MX-5 RF) to previous or current registered owner or lessee purchased or...
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    Mazda cash for TDI owners

    Mazda has begun a $750 cash back incentive for TDI owners prior to the 2015 deadline.
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    Driver door won't lock

    Did you replace the keyfob batteries?
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    What did you spend your Goodwill money on?

    Best idea yet! Why give it back to the dealer.
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    Failed emission inspection PM Filter & NMHC Catalyst

    I recently replaced a defective DEF Tank Heater and the car has been driven about 300 miles since. I am due for plate renewal and the emission test is failing. the report shows PM Filter not completed and NMHC Catalyst Not completed. Does anyone know what can be done to get these particular...
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    How to: Replacing the Adblue Heater & Temp Sensor Module

    Thanks for the great Sticky! I was getting the P202A code and ordered a replacement heater from Keffer VW. It took two hours total to replace, including siphoning and cleanup. Great resource.
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    RNS510 SD_Card Random

    put at least one individual track outside any folder. Choose to play this track. Then choose mix. It will now mix the entire SD card.
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    Driver's Seat Height-Tilt Adjustment

    Wondering if anyone has modified the Driver's seat to allow for more Lift-Tilt from the front of the seat. I find that even at the highest seat settings, the front edge of the seat is way too low and forward.
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    Question About Chinese Mud Flaps

    That is the factory mudflap. The knock off flaps from Ebay have the third hole directly over the metal edge of the quarter panel.
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    Question About Chinese Mud Flaps

    Wheel well was not the correct term. I was reffering to the metal quarter panel edge where the predrilled hole is for the mud flap. The other holes in the flap line up with the grommets on the plastic liner.
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    Question About Chinese Mud Flaps

    Chinese Mud Flaps I ordered mine for 20 bucks shipped from China. Took about 10 days to get them and about 15 minutes to install. The front pair had three predrilled holes, but the car olny had two. I choose to only install the bottom two screws. This appears to be good enough support for the...
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    Cover art and Shuffle Play

    Mix from SD card Basically, If all of the music is located in folders for Artist and Albums, all the subfolders of Artist, Albums won't mix. Only one album will shuffle. I took one song and located it outside of a folder and mix works for all the folders. It would look like this on the SD...
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    Cover art and Shuffle Play

    SD card and Shuffle Play I figured out how to Mix music from an SD card slot with music in Artist Folders. I originally copied my artist folders onto the SD card slot and it would only Mix in the same folder. I added one individiual track to the root on the SD card and now I select the...
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    DSG modes - Drive, Sport, Tiptronic

    Engine Braking Brakes are far less expensive than a new Tranny!
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    Cover art and Shuffle Play

    Music Mix I have checked the box to include subfoders and it still will only mix within a single folder. Someone posted that all the files need to be in a single folder. I think he is correct. I think the unit needs a software fix.
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    Cover art and Shuffle Play

    Does the RNS510 support Cover art? Also, can the unit shuffle play an entire SD card? I can only get it to mix within a Album folder.