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    brm timing belt change instructions

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    brm timing belt change instructions

    Are there any? When I did my BEW I was able to get step by step instructions, but I haven't been able to find any for the BRM engine... Also, I was looking at the timing belt tools and they look similar to the BEW ones. Does anyone know if the crank locks are interchangeable? Also what is...
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    New Tires 'n other stuff

    If you want to stay with a 15" rim then a 205/70 would be just slightly less than what I have. Or a 215/65. I'm running with all stock suspension at 95,000 miles and no rubbing.
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    Stronger Auto?

    My dad has an 06 Dodge with the V8, 4wd AND 6-speed trans. It was the only v8, 4wd manual trans available at the time if I remember correctly. The truck is great with the 6 speed. It's a great transmission and the clutch action is very sensitive so you can easily reverse with a loaded trailer...
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    New Tires 'n other stuff

    I just put some pirelli p4's on my car yesterday in a 205/65/16 size. That's 1" larger diameter than stock, which gives me a much needed 1/2" extra ground clearance. The speedometer reads 1mph slow now (as opposed to 3mph fast with the stock 205/55/16 size). The higher sidewall should give a...
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    cam timing

    So anyone know about the timing marks? Anyone with a Bentley out there? It'll take me a couple days to get one shipped and my car is dead in the water until hen.
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    cam timing

    The engine is a BEW. The 2006 Golf was the same as the 2005. I did my timing belt change and had the same problem as PDJetta - the bolts were not centered in the cam gear slots once the belt went on and the tensioner was tightened. Luckily I found his post. His advice of removing the cam...
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    cam timing

    I will have have to update my profile with my car type. It's a 2006 Golf BEW engine 5 speed. I have the TDi club timing belt sequence for the BEW, but it's not helping. I was hoping the Bentley had more info.
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    cam timing

    I joined in 2001 because my uncle had a problem with his 99. I only bought my car in 2006. This is my first experience setting timing. Also, thanks for the procedure but my car has the BEW engine. Btw, I have all the correct timing belt tools. Is the amswer the same with the BEW engine? If...
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    cam timing

    I have a question on cam timing. I don't have a bentley manual and was wondering if there are timing marks I can align on the cam gear when the pulley is off?
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    My TDI squeals like bedsprings in the honeymoon suite !!

    I am just finishing my first timing belt job. My car at 90k has the creaking when it warms up. My fathers 2003 Jetta wagon at 80k also has the noise. The car has had easy highway miles all its life and is on all original equipment, including brakepads (except tires of course). I took a look...
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    Inner fender liner with vent. Interesting...

    I live in Pa. I have a DSM that has a side mount IC and the fenderwell has been completely removed for the last 50,000 miles. There has been no real build up of dirt or any damage either. I just rinse the bugs out with a hose when I wash the car.
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    Timing Belt interval BEW?

    thanks for the info! No problems with the pulleys or WP yet. And with the mileage I put on - nowhere close to 5 years either!
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    Timing Belt interval BEW?

    I know this is a stupid question but here goes. I have a 2006 Golf with the PD BEW engine. I have 88k and my manual says to change the timing belt at 90k. I went to the Dieselgeek site to order a timing belt kit and they mention that the new belt is good for 100k, the same as the one in my...
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    Diesel's goin' down

    Finally some good news. Diesel has been high since I bought my car in Feb 06. Can't wait for it to sink lower than the price of gas. It was pretty bad last year when any old 30mpg gas car could equal my miles/$ ratio.
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    Pela 650 vs. MityVac 7400?

    I started with the pela but grew tired of all the two-handed pumping and trying to hold the hose in the right place with my other non-existant hand. I broke down and got the HF unit that hooks up to an air compressor for suction power. It has larger diameter hoses so can suck more in less...
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    Acceptable Intercooler Volume?

    I bet a good intercooler is of more use in Australia than for me in Pennsylvania. It probably matters a lot more and makes a larger difference if your ambiant temps are high. For me I notice a big difference between summer and wintertime on the stock intercooler, but since I really only have...
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    PD cam failure - Data collection thread

    Engine: BEW Year: 2006 Golf (Mk 4 Bodystyle) Cam failure Y/N, miles: N Type of failure: Not checked, runs fine so far. Full oil service history, type, spec, weight, and brand if you have it: Oil changed by me at the recommended intervals with dealer supplied Castrol 505.01 oil. Method used is...
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    42-47MPG in a 2005 Golf, Am i doing Okay?

    I get 43-45 mpg in my 2006 golf. It is stock except for skidplate, ventectomy and RC1+. My drive is 100mi/day. I drive approx 72 in the 65mph zone and 65 in the 55 zone, 75% of the drive is 65mph speed limit. I have the stock TDi GLS 15" alum rims and stock size tires at stock pressures...
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    drove new tdi today

    good luck with the 50 mpg awd! You will have to build it yourself!!!