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    Air Conditioner Problem

    your motor could be experiencing hot flashes like my wife may be with her tdi ac problem ^
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    Air Conditioner Problem

    no help for you here but my wife just called & said she turned on the AC a few minutes ago in her '12 Jetta TDI & it only blew hot air. I'm gonna check it whenever she gets home & if that's still the case i'll be FULL of hot air if that is true. just checked the oil when filling up this morning...
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    --> Frequently asked Questions <--

    iphone5/ios6 will not bt w/2012 jetta touchscreen & steering wheel controls but not navi this is a question looking for a fix
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    --> Frequently asked Questions <--

    replace cruise butter
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    Clarification request, VW oil spec hierarchy (without sales flackery)

    had an 01 TDI since 01. she was totaled 2 weeks back and was a Delvac1 car. now have an 06 with 10k on the clock. the time is nigh for the virgin change. this thread terrifies me, i know not which way to turn...
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    nn TDI

    hullo. which year did the tdi go to an 80K tb? the 100K tb? thanks, -d.
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    nn TDI

    how to 'call' SCEHAR/3193?
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    nn TDI

    ms Dudy, Marie, was broadsided Sunday nite on her way to work. Hit & run guy ran a red light. OurTDI totaled- Marie OK. need another TDI ASAP. any info appreciated, we have kids in Sacrameto, Lexington, and Dallas areas that could help with a lookover. need $15-20K range. OKC stealership...
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    South houston/Clear lake/Seabrook

    My daughter in Clear Lake/Seabrook needs her Golf's TB replaced, she is @ 82k. any recommendatioins?
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    need TB mech in South Houston

    My daughter in Clear Lake/Seabrook needs her Golf's TB replaced, she is @ 82k. any recommendatioins?
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    nothing new here. have bentley for the '01 jetta. is there a separate book for the '02 beetle diesel? (family next door just picked up an '02 diesel beetle). g., are you still around these parts? thank g-d! we are still here. ohio, kentucky, and okc- and just me, marie and all her family...
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    bent ly

    you have a bentely you bought from the dealer for 100 whatever bucks back when you picked up your new '01 jet tdi. your neighbor ('i' b4 'e' except in most cases) comes home a few days ago with an '02 beetle tdi with 70k on its clock. david (aka dudybug) offers up his bentley manual to said...
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    thank you sir! blow out starter with air compressor?
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    dusty oklahoma is all she's ever known thx for the tip wondered why she keeps running like a dime 'cept for the start-up.
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    why does the turbo or something make a 'noise' for the first 0.5 to 1.0 seconds upon starting up the engine? delvac1 changed religiously every 10k. 164k on the clock. a '01 tdi. thx. no smart alec responses needed.
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    jetmann down

    the indubitable jetmann's '02 is down. all assistance quickly needed for this most valuable of personas. read, and get him running again(please)- i told him to clean up his sig, that was all i knew to do
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    what can marie & i use to fasten the passenger door trim back onto marie's a3? thx.
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    cruise out

    thx for tip, oo-v-oo also helping with bentley look-up. last july had to reseat our '01 tdi's brake pedal switch in our '01 tdi after the dealer blew it on that recall thing, so perhaps i'll be able to scope these out ok. thx again.
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    Time for new tires... advice / reviews?

    best buy - yokohma avid touring. they're at 50k and handling great 205/65 if i recall correctly. 90% of driving is hiway
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    cruise out

    wife has '97 2.0 cruise switch quit last tuesday. we only have a bentley for our '01 tdi. the '97s little manual sez there's 5amp cruise fuse on top of relays, in fact the manual sez there's a 30amp, a 20amp, and a 5amp fuse all on top of relays. there is no such set of fuses on top of relays...