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    VW Dasher Diesel, MN

    I owned one of these, great car, no power, lots of smoke/soot!
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    mpg?! what's wrong here?!

    Re: mpg?! what\'s wrong here?! The Feds won't use smilies!
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    Flitz Metal/Fiberglass Polish @ Below My Cost

    dparnell, you old codger, what's up?
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    Beru develops Biodiesel sensor

    I am an idiot, I was just looking around here to see if any of the old timers are around! Slumming as it were! Wasn't paying attention LOL!
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    Beru develops Biodiesel sensor

    SkyPup! You still up on this forum pushing your propaganda? How's it going?
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    mpg?! what's wrong here?!

    Re: mpg?! what\'s wrong here?! It is illegal and it is tax evasion to put offroad diesel in your car. That's how they got Al Capone.
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    Ever see diesel less than gas again?

    Used to be Diesel was more expensive than gas during the winter (fuel oil prices) then during summer it would drop 20 to 30 cents cheaper sometimes.
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    EGR valve etc

    Of course in the Great USA its illegal and immoral to tamper with your emission control devices in your TDI.
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    New Pump Duse Coming Out Later This Year

    Of course by this time I figured ther would be NO TDIs at all--do the quality of US diesel? Hi Skypup!
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    occasional slow down shudder

    So, does this mean that the slow down shudder is finally fixxed/diagnosed?? Its a fuel thing??
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    Mobil Devlac 1

    Delvac1, elixur of the gods! Glad to hear that its FINALLY recognised here at Fred's as the RIGHT STUFF! No Oil wars anymore?????
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    New TDI Concerns

    Sounds like a problem with the car, you shouldn't have to use ANY additives in that car. I'd understand if it were 5 below or something. As long as you're sure someone didn't put gas in it or something by mistake, I'd go to the dealer!
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    Ricardo Engineering Says Diesels Ripe for US

    Someting is RIPE around here!
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    Car won't start --->>> 1986 Diesel

    Car won\'t start --->>> 1986 Diesel Did you check the under hood fuse, I had an 83 Quantum and the fuse burned, won't start with it burnt! VERY CHEAP FIX!
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    Oh Oh, this is TROUBLE!
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    Delvac 1 vs. Rotella (and other questions)...

    Delvac 1 to the rescue ! :-) Delvac is the best (had to say that)!
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    Harbor Freight Store in S. Fla.

    Harbor Freight is cool. I have one near me and its a fun place to check out from time to time!
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    need opinions on ordering

    There are pluses and minuses to arbitration AND litigation. If you have a LEGITIMATE beef with VW and it goes to arbitration you will have just as much chance of winning as you will with litigation and it will cost a whole LOT LE$$. There is no clear cut advantage to opting out of arbitration...
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    Use for snow screen in Mexico?

    Keeps the Iguana's out of the air box!
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    How 'bout this snow!

    Re: How \'bout this snow! WOOCHOW, I DON'T miss Connecticut! Its 9:20 pm and its currently 71 degrees, high was 88 today, even had a thunder storm!! Have FUN up there guy!