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    Compare 2015 Jetta Sportwagon vs. 2017 Golf Sportwagon

    I do like my mk7 but there are some weird cost cutting measures compared to the more upscale feeling I had in the mk6. Simple things like the door hinges and door stops are weaker and cheaper on the mk7, the stock brake system is smaller at all four corners and the window switches regularly fail...
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    Gas Mileage: What my TDi says, vs reality

    Yep, the at home diagnostic tool that allows users to go into the cars programming and change things or take measurements. My current screen for FE. The grey line is what the MFA says and the actual line is calculated. The problem got worse when I got my Kerma Tune, I just figured the ecu was...
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    40k Mile Service (Oil Questions from IDParts)

    Is $12 really that big of a deal when the service interval is 10k miles? Why not get the oil you like best? I’m sure there is no real world advantage but supporting company you like should be worth it.
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    Compare 2015 Jetta Sportwagon vs. 2017 Golf Sportwagon

    I had a 2010 JSW and now have a 2015 GSW both TDi and both 6spd manual. I had the mk6 from 80k to 160k and the mk7 40k to current 78k. Both cars where Kerma Stage 1 and the mk6 was full emissions delete. The mk6 is a better car tip to tail. The materials are nicer and more refined, the stock...
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    2015 Golf brake upgrade

    Here is my upgrade to stock GTI non-performance front. The stock Caliper is the same only item needed is the caliper carrier. Many people who upgrade their GTI to the PerformancePack or Golf R sell off the old stuff. I bought these used for $75shipped on VwVortex. I opted to not buy the...
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    '15 TDI Lowering Springs

    Does anyone know if the MK6 springs and struts are usable on the MBQ platform? I have 3 sets of mk6 springs in the garage: VWR, Golf R and H&R, and I would love to use them on my GSW. I understand that the rear is now a solid vs independent but it seems strange if the MK6 and MK7 aren't close...
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    VCDS on Tablet?

    What about something like a Chromebook? I am currently using an ancient HP laptop that honestly takes longer to boot than it does to do any VCDS mods I need, plus it no longer holds any charge so it needs to be plugged in to operate. I would love to dump it in favor for a super portable...
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    2015 TDI Sportwagen rear rotor size or upgrade?

    why do you want to upgrade? Vanity or for performance? I upgraded my fronts to the 312mm purely for the vanity of having the larger brakes. I didnt notice any real world difference that couldnt have been explained by just doing a better pad. I found someone on vortex who was upgrading their...
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    Do you use B5-B20 in your DPF car?

    Minneapolis is all B10 now and if it has been made well the Bio should be a benefit to the system. The only thing it could harm is if you have a much older diesel with lots of buildup in the system the Bio will loosen that and possibly clog lines and injectors.
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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    It is a platinum grey originally from Michigan that was purchased in Minneapolis in sept 2017. It sat for a little while, 2 months, while it was in limbo being fixed but the CarFax shows a pretty quick turn around from VW buying it, fixing it and then selling it at auction. None my issue are...
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    New here with 2015 Sprtwagon

    I think the dash is always optimistic. I have a Kerma Tune and even dialing the ecu-reading down a bit I still see a delta between what the car thinks and what is actual. Mine is much greater than a stock car would be, I get average 42 and it reads 50 and when I'm on long trips and I calculate...
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    Fellow wrenchers here?

    I have the HF low profile speed jack, not the little blue one but the larger grey one with the bigger foot pad. at stock height, and even most low cars, I can get under and it comes up very quickly. Going on 3 years of constant use and its fully functional. I go in the from the side and hit...
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    Will this fit my 2015 Golf?

    have you ever tried to get something out of your trunk with the car running and that car has had a center exit exhaust?
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    Just over 42mpg so far in 18months and 23K miles. The ECU reads hilariously high so when I see people posting about their amazing 50+ mpg life I wonder if they are actually calculating their mpg or just reading from the display and getting a false sense of driving.
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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    2015 GSW 6spd 64K miles, MANY small annoyances Investigating a cold temp clicking in the front suspension, probably sway bar end link but annoying this early in its life Investigating rear wheel bearing noise at slow speed around corners (think roundabout) Investigating clunking from...
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    2018 equinox diesel

    There are appealing manufacturers rebates right now, like $7-9K off and super financing. My wife is in the market for a Q5 (3.2V6) replacement and we are going to check these out. We currently have a 2015 GSW 6pd TDI so the Equinox isnt THAT much bigger interior but the extra ride hight and...