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    New tires

    Purchased some new rubber today, Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP 225/45/17 for $134 a tire. OE tire was the Conti and I thought that was ok but it didn't last very long. I have always been a fan of Michelin and I am really looking forward to that new tire smell!
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    2011 TDI DSG Mileage

    I just calc'd my first tank today on my '11 sportwagen DSG and I brought in a wopping 22.9 mpg. all city driving, a/c on max most of the time, and a good amount of idle with a/c at max. Tire pressure hasn't even been checked since I drove off the lot, but I am assuming it's at oem recomened. I...
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    August 2011 Mileage Thread

    Driver: dibsen Miles: 322.4 Gallons: 14.07 Model Year: 2011 Model: Jetta Sportwagen Tranny: DSG Fuel Type: USLD Fuel: CITCO (filled up on the dealership's dollar) Mileage: 488 Date: 8/31/11