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  1. ssaric1.9TDI

    Is there any place to find 2005 GLS TDI wagon body parts?

    I also have a pair of taillights that are in good shape. If needed DM me and I'll provide you some pictures. Thank you SAM
  2. ssaric1.9TDI

    How Many Miles Can a Car Last - article

    Good old Honda. I had one long time ago and I could not kill it. It was an awesome car that took me everywhere without any problems. I end up selling it with 250k miles on it. The engine and transmission were great, the body was all faded and it needed a paint job but no rust. Great car, they...
  3. ssaric1.9TDI

    FS - 2003 TDI 5 speed wagon - CL Lakeland, FL $5500.00 on marketplace Front fenders looked like they have been replaced, no line going across them. Overall very clean...
  4. ssaric1.9TDI

    Not a TDI: BMW 335d $14,500

    GLWS this is a beautiful example of a beautiful car.
  5. ssaric1.9TDI

    2019 Chevy Silverado 3.0L I-6 diesel

    Car bubble, wait it out its about to burst according to experts.
  6. ssaric1.9TDI

    how many miles have you racked up on your TDI?

    239k on 03 Wagon 111k on 13 Passat Wagon needs more attention. I might just do that and start driving it more. Passat has been good so far, timing belt done at 110k.
  7. ssaric1.9TDI

    BMW 325 325tds Touring c/clima auto, 121k kms

    One of the cars I would like to import would be skoda octavia, they also came with ALH engines, I think they would be cool here plus lots of parts from MK4's ALH cars.
  8. ssaric1.9TDI

    BMW 325 325tds Touring c/clima auto, 121k kms

    Sadly you can only bring one car back for free, however for 1k VW's you can check and find out how much the shipping would be and you can flip them assuming they are over 25 years old cars.
  9. ssaric1.9TDI

    BMW 325 325tds Touring c/clima auto, 121k kms

    @BoiseTDI I would also be torn between the two. Its so crazy how many options there is in Europe. I think that whichever car you bring to the states there would be an issue sourcing the parts, however it would be really cool and rare to own something like this in states.
  10. ssaric1.9TDI

    BMW 325 325tds Touring c/clima auto, 121k kms

    The BMW looks to have an M package with bumpers, side skirts and side view mirrors. Makes it look that much better. Toyota is sick also that thing would fetch top dollar.
  11. ssaric1.9TDI

    BMW 325 325tds Touring c/clima auto, 121k kms

    15k-20k or maybe more. That thing is beautiful.
  12. ssaric1.9TDI

    High mileage CR - post it up!

    We bought my wife 2013 SE with DSG brand new and now it has 108k miles. About to replace timing belt in the next month or so. So far it has been a great car and my wife loves it a lot. @pkforbes87 with that many miles what kind of work have you done to it?
  13. ssaric1.9TDI

    Are my Fat Fives too big for my JSW?

    235's will be good on stock suspension. for 15mm and 20mm adapters the head is shorter, the wholes are predrilled and when I put the adapter on 5x100 wholes the wheels goes flush to the adapters and there are no issues at all. Also I do not run any camber on my car, the only thing I have is the...
  14. ssaric1.9TDI

    Are my Fat Fives too big for my JSW?

    I am running flat fives on my mk4 wagon with 215/35's and I dont rub however I am on airbags also so that helps. I have 15mm front and 20mm rear adapters. Before when I was on lowering springs I ran 225/40 and only rubbed when the trunk was full of stuff. I think that 235's would be too big so I...
  15. ssaric1.9TDI

    Parting out 2003 Wagon AHL

    If the OP is not going to part the engine I have the EGR and EGR cooler and all the related piping I can sell to you that is allready off of my car. Thank you SAM
  16. ssaric1.9TDI

    SOLD -13 Audi A3 TDI - $12,900 - St Louis, MO

    Here is the link. Looks very good. GLWS
  17. ssaric1.9TDI

    FS 2003 Jetta $3500

    Beautiful car considering what they are going for now days this is a steal.
  18. ssaric1.9TDI

    Fuel Prices

    My man. I am all for avoiding red lights even if I have to take longer routes.
  19. ssaric1.9TDI

    2000 VW Jetta ALH - Revival / Project Thread

    That green color is absolutely amazing once its cleaned. Subscribing to this thread