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  1. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    What actually fails on that piece? My release moves up/down, but the seat back is solid. Does it fail internally like the "end" snaps off?
  2. JDSwan87

    2003 Jetta ALH - 'ball bearing in cyl head' noise

    Why did you start a 2nd thread?
  3. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    The passenger rear seat back will not fold/move. I haven't dug too much into the reason.
  4. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Drove 1.5 hours to pick up new wheels and tires for my truck. Well, only 3 would fit inside, so #4 went in the roof. Made the trip home just fine! '][/URL]
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  6. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    A pair of Skar RPX65's. I'm far from an audiophile, I deferred to a buddy of mine and he said this will be lightyears ahead of what I have now. I'm sure I'll be happy.
  7. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Ordered new flywheel from IDP Ordered clutch and pressure plate from ACT Ordered new head unit and door speakers too
  8. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Forgive Doug, he can speak in uncertain terms sometimes. He has been looking for that specific hood for about 6 months without any luck. He is saying that now that he HAS one, someone will come along and say they had one the entire time and it will be much closer than the 5 hour 1 way trip.
  9. JDSwan87

    Low glow plug voltage

    Alright, so it COULD be glowplug related... However, there are a lot of variables here (GP voltage, software voltage, timing, loss of fuel prime, starter speed, etc). Oilhammer has mentioned what course of action you should take. At minimum, you could pull a GP and post the part number here for...
  10. JDSwan87

    Low glow plug voltage

    Alright, does the car start fine in the warmer months after sitting overnight? To some, there are two definitions of a cold start, overnight and overnight when the ambient air is less than 40*f.
  11. JDSwan87

    Iso Bew engine in or Near michigan

    Welcome to TDIClub! Cedar Springs is near r90sKirk. There is another guy up that way who parts out TDI's, but I can't remember his name. Post in the classifieds here with a WTB.
  12. JDSwan87

    What other VW A4 cars have altenators that work with an ALH?

    This should be in a sticky somewhere. Great info!!
  13. JDSwan87

    High Output Altenators

  14. JDSwan87

    Mk4 Golf/Jetta Custom Mudflap/Fender Covers.

    Another suggestion: the "end" of the rocker before the rear wheel, where the fender arch begins is another rust prone area. Along with where the rear fender arch meets the rear bumper.
  15. JDSwan87

    Mk4 Golf/Jetta Custom Mudflap/Fender Covers.

    Might you consider going back another 2" on the rocker cover for those of us that live in the rust belt?
  16. JDSwan87

    Bilstein HD rear shocks - wagon?

    I put the wagon specific Billstein HD's in my (now sold) 05 Wagon. It rode smooth if you put 200lbs of stuff in the back. Empty, it felt too stiff for my tastes.
  17. JDSwan87

    VW blend door plugs - community effort to reproduce?

    The first one I did, I pulled the entire dash panel etc and it sucked. Are you guys pulling just the center stack and sneaking the plugs in through there?
  18. JDSwan87

    Revs outta control

    Year/model of vehicle would help. Define "retimed injection pump" please. As noted above, it could be running away, check oil consumption. Or (if it's a rotary pump engine) your "retiming of the injection pump" could have set the IQ way too low and now you are experiencing a runaway type...
  19. JDSwan87

    Over boosting, 2003 ALH...

    You mentioned all new filters... did you reconnect the vac line that goes to the airbox?