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    2014 NMS alignment pull right torque steer ?

    Did you check alignment? Try to do it. If the alignment doesn't fix it completely, rotate the tires to see if this helps. No idea what might be going on with the brakes, good luck.
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    Small Radiator fan

    One observation on my case: I overfilled the coolant tank (my fault), even when the manual indicates to do not overfill. I removed liquid so the level is in between the marks (not so easy to see), and I feel it improved (I felt car fans start running when car is shut, less frequently while...
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    Small Radiator fan

    Not sure if is the small fan, but mine is doing something similar. Location: Houston TX Car: 2012 VW Passat TDI SEL (automatic) Miles: around 77000 Oil changed 300 miles ago Coolant replaced @61300 miles, one year ago (early may 2016). Outside temp since happening: 80 to 85 Farenheit I'm...
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    Blowed up good. Blowed up real good!

    Beware of critters... And this makes me think about other posts about turbo hoses and electric cables eaten by mice and others... If anybody is storing their Passats before buyback, take care of critters. Yours will move, but eaten bits might stop others Passat from moving. I'm planning using...
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    TDI Claims Portal

    There is depreciation... You lose money as function of the miles. So check how many miles you think it will be driven, and correct the buyback for it. Agreed, the reduction in value might be less than the one if the car was not under buyback, if your wife does not drive a lot...
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    German Lawmakers Ban Internal Combustion Engines by 2030

    Battery technology can advance, but that does not mean it wont be more expensive than ICEs... Also this will force companies to retool...which can take time.
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    2015 TSI Opinions

    There are some discussions in previous posts. I.e., check:
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    AdBlue and Fuel Pump Failure

    Things will go ok until -11C (Adblue freezing pnt) Check If it freezes it will dent your 200 miles "death count" as it will feel no urea flowing, but you should be back in bussiness after it thaws. PD. I live in Houston, no problem with -11C.
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    Clock spring broke, no recall!

    Tdiatlast, you got a monday morning assembled car! I'm sorry for your grief, VAG should be too.
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    200 Mile AD Blue Countdown to Death

    Good! Thanks for the update!. I hope this fixes it until buyback (and hopefully beyond, for whoever buys it after, if it is not crushed). This for sure help us to know another "failure mode" and a solution for it. Good luck! BTW, you mentioned almost 300$ for the sensor. Not cheap, but more...
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    Or try the (as suggested in the "Replacing the Adblue Heater..." thread: That is the one I bought. 212.91$, all cables have the correct length. Replaced it in November last year, working nicely since then.
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    VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it

    +1 It is my understanding that by federal law the car should comply with the emission standards at the time the car was built, and (if you're very picky) to the configuration it had after leaving factory (so you can be spewing unburned gas and be ok, as that was the standard at the time...)...
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    Sudden loss of MPG

    Amount of fuel is related with NOx. In a gasser at some point more fuel for the same amount of air will reduce piston combustion temperature, not burning completely, but vaporizing and absorbing some of the combustion heat. Im not sure if in a diesel is the same, but the signal from the NOx...
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    VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it

    Well, lets put things in context. Being the owner of both a 2012 TDI Passat and a 1969 car, I can testify that the environmental regulations forced in the 70s worked out for the better, even when they cursed the auto industry in the mid-late 70s with low power and unreliability due (in part) to...
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    200 Mile AD Blue Countdown to Death

    Sorry that VCDS did not work. I guess VW programmed the ADBLUE death countdown deep into the system to avoid users to get rid of it by standard warning clearing (or RossTech cannot include a clearing to it for legal reasons...) so they need to keep their system working as designed (lousy and...
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    TDI the 1.8T a dog?

    This older thread talks about the gas mileage and some experiences about the 1.8 TSI in comparison with the TDI I drove a Jetta 1.8 TSI loaner having my car in service... I did not push it too hard in RPMS, but I agree the little gas engine is...
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    My 2013 Passat TDI may have been totalled

    251, I guess this has nothing to do with dieselgate now. With the fact that what he can drive now is an accordion, he might have changed his mind and try to salvage some money from it. Won't you?
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    200 Mile AD Blue Countdown to Death

    Stakeman, we can scan that, check your PM.
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    Head-to-head fuel economy: 2012 Passat TDI DSG vs 2016 Passat 1.8 TSI automatic

    I have found the average for the DSG diesel NMS Passat reasonable in my own experience, and it also shows the increase in fuel efficiency between diesel Passats with the manual transmission and the DSG ones. There are only 12 2016 1.8t auto Passats in Fuelly, (with 131 fuel ups)...
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    oil consumpsion or lack of

    Or is just the biodiesel that does not evaporate (the official story). See attached letter from VW: I remember seeing the first explanation somewere, I guess that VW one is...